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the hard rock ride.

hey. it's already at the end of January 2011.
the hard rock ride.
last night, after made a mistake by putting luggage in the wrong bus, my institute-mates and i got onto the right bus. haha. extra bus. ISA travel tours co.
after a minute sitting on the seat beside the wide window, my dearie at my left said, "ramainya lelaki..." we counted lady passengers in the bus. only 14 included us~ =.= it's strange. why? because, usually there'll be more ladies... i calculated the percentage if the total number of passengers is 40, only 35% for ladies. hm.
when the bus began our journey to Darul Naim, the radio also started to produce sounds. again, my dearie commented something, "tak pernah lagi naik bas macam ni..." i replied, "hindustan tu biasa la kan?" ha. ha. last night, the songs were pop-disco, rock and roll. i just tried to catch the songs' lyrics. :) looked at the dark horizon.
one of the songs has this line,
jangan engkau terpedaya dengan dajal yang jahat
more or less, the sentence sounded like that. i couldn't catch the whole story of the song.
this hard rock ride was shaky. ha. i felt like i was rocked harshly and roughly! i just imagined i was in a cradle and somebody rocked me in anger. @_@ for the first time i think, i couldn't sleep very well in a bus. :)
when the hard rock ride came across my cognitive (eceyh) system, i remember about hard rock iman button. :)
the harder the better. take it self.
this time, i arrived home late. usually i'd arrived home before the dawn. today, i arrived after the adzan.
this new semester... hm. quite enjoyable, interesting, more challenging and insya Allah, can make this heart smile to keep learning.
i also learned quite many new things. about people, self, this way of life. the tauhid. how great Allah is. how noble is the knowledge about tauhid-ing Him compared to other knowledge.
i learned how important beautiful ukhuwah is. how trust really makes sense in loving people. how backstabbing is ugly. i told my another dearie, please don't tell me what people said about me behind me. things like that is better to be unknown. or there'll be chaos. what is worst, chaos in the soul. this really made me to really understand what berlapang dada and husnuzzhon is like. and i stated again one of remarkable quotes in me, 'if i hate a person, there'll be ten persons hating me'. please do love others no matter what. 'love and you'll be loved' no matter whom.

let's end this entry. :)

Our Lord tells us in the Qur'an that a person can attain the best kind of life by doing right actions:
Anyone who acts rightly, male or female, being a believer, We will give them a good life and We will recompense them according to the best of what they did. (Surat an-Nahl: 97) (copied and pasted from Harun Yahya, 24 Hours in the Life of a Muslim, 1424 AH/2003 CE, United Kingdom)