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shoot me, for today.


i think this is how i am being reminded about intention. about being sincere, again. about being nice to people.

"And remember We took a covenant from the Children of Israel (to this effect): Worship none but Allah.treat with kindness your parents and kindred, and orphans and those in need; speak fair to the people; be steadfast in prayer; and practise regular charity.Then did ye turn back, except a few among you, and ye backslide (even now)."

"Dan (ingatlah wahai Muhammad), ketika Kami mengikat perjanjian setia dengan Bani Israil (dengan berfirman): "Janganlah kamu menyembah melainkan Allah, dan berbuat baiklah kepada kedua ibu bapa, dan kaum kerabat, dan anak-anak yatim, serta orang-orang miskin; dan katakanlah kepada sesama manusia perkataan-perkataan yang baik; dan dirikanlah sembahyang serta berilah zakat". Kemudian kamu berpaling membelakangkan (perjanjian setia kamu itu) kecuali sebahagian kecil dari kamu; dan sememangnya kamu orang-orang yang tidak menghiraukan perjanjian setianya."[Al-Baqarah, 2:23]

6) Anda sentiasa tersenyum penuh gembira dan ceria. Kerana anda tahu, meski amanah dan mehnah di bahu amatlah berat dan menyeksa, namun kerja-kerja yang anda lakukan adalah usaha anda menempah tiket ke sorga. Kerana anda tahu, pasti ada yang akan turut berbahagia melihat senyuman anda. Lebih osem sekiranya senyuman anda bisa pula membuatkan orang lain terus memuji dan mengingati Allah yang Esa. Epik. [Inche Gabbana, 2013]


random no. 5

31. i have found in which part of contribution insya Allah i can do for this community. i would like to go for being with the teens and community service. :)

the first reunion for my junior in SRI Aman batch 14. i was happy to get to know them. may Allah bless their effort. may they see the beauty of ukhuwah inside the reunion. i just really wanna go back to the school and do something.
32. my journey returning to the campus was... it began with that i just missed my ticket on the table in the living room. i forgot for my mineral water for the journey.

33. blood. ahah. i had experienced my first time donating blood. i was very excited to know my blood group! that was my real intention when i let the doctor took my blood in March 2012. i didn't tell the doctor i wanted to know my blood group. i just told her that i wanted to make a blood test. ehe. blame me.

thus, on the Dec 27th, Aqsa Syarif Kelantan had organized 'Semarak Gaza' at KBMall. i was involved. then, i found HUSM doing the donating blood activity? campaign? upstairs. i was soooo hilarious. aha.

one day later, i went to KBMall again. i was not so serious since i was just hoping to know my blood group. but, when this question came to me, "how old are you?"
i was... okay. she doubted my age. i grinned and answered her question. i too thought, maybe she just got instinct that i just wanted to play around. ahah!!! when they asked me my weight, i was trying to escape by hoping that my weight won't allow me  to donate my blood.

i was so lucky that my weight just increased and that i could donate my blood. there u go.

i got to know my blood group. O. ^_^ rhesus is positive.

i was happy. but, i was frustrated when k. arina told me that O- that can donate to everyone. -_-"
i thought myself, tula... dulu belajar Biology main-main!!! bab sel je kau hafal semua kan... bab darah-darah mana kau hafall~

i was  worried when the nurse said she wasn't confident to inject the thing to take out my blood because my blood capillary? vessel? artery? is small and near to the tendon. i figured out that in March the doctor took the blood from my right hand.
Muhammad was with me when i was donating my blood. he looked at blood running out of my left hand. i wished i can record that or at least snapped a picture. ahah.

34. went to Johor. heh. i was so in Tentang Dhiya by Syud when i was trying to search for the setting of place in the novel. yeah. i saw the signboard to go to SK Nong Chik. went to Danga Bay. hahaha. thanks ayah. visited the little Aynie Munirah. then, gotta know little information about leukemia. AML, ALL. chemo. got opportunity to drive in Mersing. thanks again ayah for your trust. i took that as an honour. >.< visited the Taman Buaya near the Pasir Gudang port, i guess.

home. the morning we left it for Johor.

how the water drops clear the mirror yet it didn't get wet.

Kg. Wak Leman if i'm not mistaken.

i'm an adult. >.<

the dusk from the window of Masjid Sultan Abu Bakar JB, ladies' section.

Danga Bay. i don't really like it, after all. :)
35. i went to a village near to the river. ahaha. my home is actually already near the river. but, i just... wanted to be at a place far away from anyone knowing my family members; far or near. however, still, i just couldn't touch the river water. even to look at the river!!!

this is not yet the river... T_T

please rotate this yourself. ahah. bianata.

very insensitive.. =_=" go green please.

i wish that i have the gut to run through the bushes and reach near the river!!!

browny greens.
36. i had involved with Aqsa Syarif... okay. i just don't know what to say. what to express. how to express with words about this. but, i was happy and i know i have to and want to improve myself for this ummah.

the memories.

37. i just have to find a new pair before it's too late.

38. back to school. all the best Ali Akmal and Muhammad. i hope Muhammad won't experience negatively being compared with others in the family.

i almost write my own name. =.="

just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... smart.

the only elder sister left to be the writer.

unintentionally wrote ayah's name first. =.="
that's all. this is long enough i think after promised in two entries before this. i just couldn't help myself to get an update this blog before 2012 end. :)