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Dear uncle Lee,

Dear uncle Lee,

yes. uncle Lee who was on the same flight with me today. FY1001. his seat was 17D. KBR-PEN.

departed at 13:15. arrived at 14:10.

what's the story?

before the departure, i sat beside him. we talked about this and that. he has 2 sons who're an architect and a pilot for Singapore Airlines.

in short, he asked me whether i'm familiar with the place from the Penang airport?

i said no, ain't familiar. i would take a bus to jetty. he disagreed. he told me he would send me to jetty by his car (he was not doubtful to help because we're Kelantanese. =). so, i was, okay. he told me to wait for him after the landing because he would be taking his luggage.

what had happened was that i need to go the wash room immediately after the flight landed. i went to the ladies without telling him. i took some time to settle my business in there. when i got out of the wash room, yes, my eyes were looking for him. of course. hu. because i said i'll wait for him.

nevertheless, i couldn't find him.

kind-hearted uncle Lee, i was thankful to meet you. and yes i would be guilty if you thought that i escaped from you. hope to see you again. lucky that i asked your name. at least, i know, the uncle who was very concern and kind and wanted to help me was uncle Lee. i should've asked for your contact number. i should've snapped your picture. ^~^"

i reached the college safely at 19:00.

he told me to travel. at least as far as Singapore. i will, uncle, in the future. worry not.

if you, yes, you who's reading this entry happened to know this uncle Lee, please let him know this about this post. ^~^"

the girl who's wearing brown shawl and denim dress.



love and passion.

they look sweet together.

Jika benar cinta itu buta Biar ku buta kerana cinta Kerna cinta Ku sempurna Jika benar cinta itu buta Biar hati memberi cahaya Dan kau pasti Permaisuri - Faizal Tahir

if it's true that love is blind, let me be blind because of love.

like wise,

death is the only way u can meet Him.

thus, if it's true you Love Him and really want to meet Him, you should be eagerly waiting for death.

mom is at home,
tree is not 3,
i miss home,
i miss mom.

frustrated because of human,
tree is not 3,
Allah will never disappoint me,
hold on to Allah, dear me.


Bukan Sang Hakim ^_^

Semalam terasa indah bersamanya
Suasana damai penuh ceria
Saling berbagi kisah kenangan dunia
Namun kini……..

Hari-hari berjalan terasa berat
Ada ketersiksaan di dalam dada
Pertemuan bagai beban derita
Sulit untuk terlukiskan oleh kata
Karena perasaan yang bicara..
..yang bicara

Melihat wajahnya…..
Mendengar suaranya…..
Tersebut namanya…..

Bukalah mata hati, bukan mata benci
Kita bukanlah Sang Hakim 
Yang layak untuk menghukum
Kita juga pernah tersalah, dan bersalah
Bencilah sekedarnya
Maafkanlah kekhilafannya…walau 

Kita bukanlah manusia yang sempurna
Janganlah merasa seolah tanpa noda
Kita hanya manusia yang penuh khilaf salah
Maafkanlah ia bila hatimu terluka
Karena kita bukan sang hakim


was doing my assignment and just realized this lyrics. hu. deep. indeed. 


random no. 11

76. "ummi... WSU stands for?"
"Wichita state university... anything?"
"ooo... hehe. just wanna know. i thought it's me. hauauaua"

77. muhammad said,
"sunat pun masuk tv?"

"kahwin pun masuk surat khabar?"

78. "thus, we, as we understand the  issue, just keep silent and observe until we have the opportunity to voice out at the right time..."  *ibrah of the story of one khalifah.

79. *please use spongebob squarepants OST tune.

sapo alumni SRI/SMI Aman? 

sapo belajar SRI/SMI Aman dulu?

alumni SRI/SMI Aman namo gapo?

jadi, sapo ahli KALAM?

80. "sufiyyah zulkifli?"


"zulkifli or zulkafli or...?"

spelling. name.

81. looking forward the January 17th, night! travelling me. may Allah ease. may Allah ease. and i have and i want  to cherish the present. me and time. again. feeling falling down. like leaves. but leaves never hate the wind that causes them to fall (Tere Liye).