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random no. 14

92.  time; age-ing.

it's not eng-age-ing. its AGE-ing. haha. getting old.

following mother to kenduris...

frequently asked questions;

"ini yang no. berapa?"

"umur berapa?"


"aunty, how old is your daughter?"

"twenty three..."

"oh. same with me.." i grinned.

"oh. same with you? twenty three?"

ummi interrupted, "born in 1991?"

the daughter, "yes..."

"ha... same." i grinned.

"i thought u're form five!" the mother said.

"u look small (young :P)" ummi's friend's daughter mumbled.


before that, at another kenduri...

"Mariah! u look the same!" ummi's friend said. i grinned.

after few words she spoke to me, i told her,

"i will inherit her traits!" haha!

she rubbed my shoulder and said, "yes. of course. u will look young just like your mother."


when u feel u're getting old because u friends are getting jobs, getting married and having their own children, and people are saying things that makes you feel like you're young forever, it's like drinking bitter Van Houten chocolate powder poured with sweet and thick honey.


- priority.

- urgency.

- important.

it's hard to put them in a hierarchical list. and i usually choose urgency first.



i'd love to be a bridge.

to make people get connected.

but, people, please cross me.

a car won't reach its destination if it doesn't move across the bridge.



i tell myself not to count the days. make the days count.

but, i can't resist myself to count the days!

another two weeks for 'eid.

 insya Allah, i'm coming home, after three times celebrating 'eid adha in college, by myself with my friends. :3


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