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do learn something from this blog.
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hontouni arigatou! :)


will you help me?


WARNING : only if you don't have any other important thing to do. ^.^

please listen to the nasheed below and catch the lyrics. :)

parts of the lyrics that i can catch are

Laa ilaaha illallah
'alaihi solatullah
wa alihi wal ahibba'

shine your mercy like the sun
and be gracious as the earth
let your kindness come 
like rain care not whom it falls upon
and let ... ocean .....
....... in peace
be like al-habib
and in your deepest need
and in your deepest grief
call...... in humility
to whom.....

be... peace
with the light of your sincerity 
... be like a blessed tree
give your shades to all who seek
may your root...
take your strength from al-habib

ya nabi salam 'alaik 
ya rasul salam 'alaik
ya habib salam 'alaik
solawatullah 'alaik

... tranquility
... comes
be patient....
someday you will return to Him
of the....
through their... 
and through your love for them
let your heart and soul...

and stand before Allah
like nothing has exist....
and worship Him like you are seen
be with .... all creation

when you master all of this
forget not your .....ness
worried not for Allah's grace
none of this can be achieved
so be humble as the lonely earth
that all creatures walk upon 
be a slave of the Most Merciful
take your light from al-habib

shine your mercy like the sun
send your light across the earth
let your kindness ................
................. who come
... mountain strong your spirit be
...... that leads to him 
may you be with al-habib

thank you. :)

if you want to say, this entry should not be posted, then, just write in the comment box. :)


love like this.

love like this by a band from Korea.

no need to search about the song, saham dapat saya sekali! :) the lyrics has nothing mufid. as well as the video clip. i only like to listen to the rentak. rancak~ (teringat orientasi tahun lepas)



am just back from Nilam Puri. if u're one my blog reader since last year, u know what's there. who's there. what's the meaning of that place for me. :)

i went there by driving ummi's Kelisa. ^.^ alas, i drove there.

i only brought some curry-puffs. instant. fried by me. according to the original plan actually i want to bring something else. it's that. i'm just a mere planner. thus, i just rustle up curry-puffs.

there, went into my room. A215. my face is still on the wall at the door's left. although the room is lived by only two persons, still seems like four! :) full. i know that they use the room as the main place for gathering. haha.

met almost all the APIDS members. Aisyah, Adila, Hidayah, Athirah, Kauthar, Fatimah Dalilah, Basyirah and others. Asma bint Abu Bakar is the most havoc. she has improved her Kelantanese accent. haha.

the hostel is nearly empty because all of the seniors and others in other course already went back to their hometown. thus, only APIDS members left since they still have classes. mathematics. haha.

we talked. but Hidayah, Basyirah, Aisyah, Wani (if 'm not mistaken) have to go out. they go to clinic. another APIDS member, Ruqayyah is warded. she got problem with her ovum. syafahallah. and Kauthar has to go to JPN and buy ticket.

before i went home, i knocked Nisa''s, Hasinah's, Jie's and Sofiah's door. :) there're Aqidah, Syuhadah and Rabiatul Adawiyah.

i was thinking about my aim for making myself there, AMK along my way to home. why should i drive there today? why my feeling is not the same during i was about to leave them there?

quite empty. just like the hostel. not too contented.

but, i'm still praying.

that place, that room has taught me many things.

the place is the second place makes me appreciate people more.

the place taught me to show my gratitude.

share things with people around me.

taught me more about friendship.

how ukhuwah should be.

what sharing is about.

what does living together mean.

brought me out of my selfishness.

i keep reminding myself, our base is our aqidah.

talking about ukhuwah with others based on aqidah, it's kindly another muhasabah for me for my relationship in family. i have more responsibility towards my family.

i always type about the kindness at Nilam Puri, right?

not forgotten, my current institute has many loving people too. my roommates are caring too. well. i have many kind people around me. :)

thanks my roommates for giving me experience celebrating my birthday. :)

lalalala. i can't focus anymore on what i'm typing about.

i'd planned to meet Ftn Fth today. but, ummi said we're gonna have lunch at Nenek Atuk's place. :)


*i think my blogging skill is worsen. lala. about 3 months didn't update at all. huh.


salah cutikah?



boleh balik rumah.

pada masa sama, ada bahagian pada diri yang merosot.

pada mulanya, aku perasan aku seorang yang menghadapi masalah ini.

tapi tidak rupanya. 

macam mana tu merosot?

seperti, ketika di kolej, kita sangat rajin pergi ke surau untuk berjemaah.

sangat senang untuk solat pada awal waktu. 

namun, apabila pulang ketika cuti, sejauh mana usaha solat jema'ah. 

sejauh mana awal waktu kita. 

fenomena balik cuti, tido + makan + jalan2. 

mungkin suasana di rumah itu yang mempengaruhi atau perspektif kita sendiri terhadap balik rumah. 


aku cakap pada diri aku, aku yang menjadi AGEN YANG MERUBAH keadaan. (nak guna istilah dalam chemistry sebenarnya, tapi lupa. :D) 

aku yang sepatutnya membina suasana. bukan suasana yang mempengaruhi aku. 

wahh... post aku dah menjadi makin kurang isinya~

semoga ada manfaatnya. :)




hai blog.

dah lama tak update.

ketika diri berada di institut, selalu fikir nak update blog. blog ini juga blog cikgu ku itu...

namun, aku berbelah bagi...

kenapa aku perlu pisahkan blog itu dan blog ini?

dan sebenarnya aku menyembunyikan blog ini daripada kawan-kawan satu institut itu.


ya. aku ada satu perasaan 'bimbang' itu.

dan saat ini, aku nekad.

aku tidak mahu sembunyikan blog ini lagi. kenapa perlu takut?

kenapa perlu bimbang?

ingatkan diri aku, tanggungjawab aku.

ingatkan diriku, tujuanku.

ingatkan diriku, sisi siapa lebih mulia.

ingatkan diriku.

banyak cerita mahu aku kongsi di sini juga di sana.

tahun ini... sudah hampir 3 bulan berlalu. baik masihi mahupun hijri.

baiklah. setakat ini sahaja dulu.

dan sebenarnya, ada lagi satu blog kat friendster yang aku agak memang selalu update.


aku mintak maaf teman seinstitut kerana menyembunyikan blog ku. *lol*


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You're a well liked, though underrated, blogger.

You have a heart of gold and are likely to blog for a cause.

You're a peaceful blogger - no drama for you!

A good listener and friend, you tend to leave thoughtful comments for others.

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You are a bit distant though. Your blog is all about you - not what anyone else has to say.


underrated. hm. aku tak mahu tahu dah siapa jenguk blog aku. berapa orang jenguk blog aku. :D

kenapa purple? aku suka merah putih!