dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


few words.

1. intention

2. sincere

3. proactive

4. positive

5. tadhiyah

6. brave

7. truthful

8. tawakkal

9. let it go. (LOL)

10. consistent and persistent

now, let's work.



revision week.

my revision progress is very slow.

finished reading Cat Stevens to Yusuf Islam. :D

found this,

for exam.
for ramadhan. 
for next semester.

oh. final year!

oh. i want to add what i want...

i want to go to Europe and one of the people i wanna meet is Yusuf. Yusuf Islam. ^_^ 

yeah. what if i go to other places? like Japan, Turkey.. etc. who i want to meet? 


i want...

i want to finish my study at this degree level.

i want to travel and go to places!

i want to join outdoors activity like camping, hiking, trekking and rafting!

i want to be volunteers for social activity like helping natural disasters victims.

*please ignore my inappropriateness of using the language. am insane today.

i want to ask, why these days everything needs money?

i want to get rid of ...

i want to know what do i want?

*cricket's chirping*

i want life.

k. bye.


arkib negara.


long time no updates.

am still in the campus.

not going back. yet. maybe. ha-ha.

well. back to the issue of this entry. i sent an e-mail to the webmaster of arkib negara.

why? weeks ago i thought that i heard someone mentioned that we can send our things there to be kept. yeah. notebooks. diaries. such documents. so... i'm thinking about sending mines there too! :D

but, when i explored the website, keeping one diaries not mentioned in the service or function of the arkib negara.

^_^" unless if i made a significant history in this country.



just wait for the reply from the webmaster!

happy revision week! :)