dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


just one.

only one task i've done lately. however, i've improved myself. i've read preface in the literature book. just the preface? i'd read several short stories indeed during previous semester. but, never read the preface before. i would like to share with you a sentence in the preface.

...: to expand students' appreciation of literature and to suggest the many possibilities for self-discovery that literature offers.

i remember mr. genga. my lecturer for 'English Studies'. this subject is about literature. ha. ha. jika dikenang saat bersamanya dalam kelas... kelakar! the first class, it's ok. i didn't fall asleep. second class... until the second month, i can't hold my eyes anymore! haha. the first time i fell asleep in his class, i apologized to him. the next next class? hurnm. i didn't apologize anymore. still, the guilt is hanging over my heart.

mr. genga always repeat this sentence, "literature teach you about humanity. how we deal with our life.. (bla3)..." something like that. ha. ha. thus, because of his sentence, i keep forcing myself to get 'possessed' in literature. haha. omo. i'm quite interested in literature.

o yeah. the task i've done is article writing. that's not part of my study in the institute. it's one of my commitment i've to commit with - the CARE. well. i chose to be there, so, i've to do whatever it comes. bla3. dah mula mengarut.
k.put asked me to read sirah. since i'm reading two books now, i want to finish those books first. then i will force myself to read sirah. insya Allah. am thinking about ayah's words. about two things. naah. i'm not going to tell about them here.

i didn't attend mc10's sister's reception. momo has gone to gombak. ahmad has gone to his hostel. i forgot that ahmad's break is not like others. i was hoping that he'll be around during my break! haha. why? it's joyful to have a talk with him. bla3. ye la tu. having a fight pun sangat la best! yiba'll seat for her PQS paper today in the evening afternoon. pray for her. also for other candidates.

i'm infected by yiba. playing fish isle on facebook. -.- crap. infected by momo too. playing jungle jewels.

these are the books building i mentioned in the previous post.

these files are my works. social studies, language development, language description, English studies, co-curricular. oh. so many of them!

these are the books i'd brought in my bag from the institute! they're very heavy ok? the green book is the book i'm talking about in the above paragraph.

this is the firs book i finished during this break. -.-

the second book khatamed by me. haha. i don't really understand this novel. it's more interesting than the novel above and below, but it's that. i don't really understand the message. yeah. it's in Indonesia Language~ the place setting is in Spain. Granada. Albacyin (lebih kurang macam nilah ejaan. x rajin nak gi check). the time setting is undefined. i will read it once again. maybe. aha.

this is the third novel. i finished it yesterday. -.- typical story by alaf21.

o yeah. there's another novel! haha. four novel i've finished? this is not an improvement!! empat novel yang dibaca secara lompat-lompat. haha. not interesting enough. andalusia's story above is interesting, but the problem is about the language.

ok. you should make a checklist. it's already three weeks. -.-"



c.a.r.e? C.A.R.E? c.a.r.e? C.A.R.E?

omo. it's a name of a non-government organization. urm. omo. why am i tal typing about this? my task about CARE is not finished yet. he. he. k.Muna assigned me the task. dush. it was last week. supposed to be sent by today (mengikut perkiraanku la). i had the references. but, it's very hard to say no to my pillow...tidur my bed...selimutan to the narita... 26the blanket... ha. ha. it's hard to say no to those books too.belajar i had built a building using the books i wanna read! haha.35 still, i read those on the rack apart of the building. i want to snap a picture, but i don't know where the camera is. and i'm reluctant too. ha.

about 4 days ago, chatted with maryam. just wanna know the meaning of jawa (or java?) sentence in her facebook. -.- i remembered echa, my quartersmate before, "napata kuriheng?" hehe. and asma'. "amit amit". then she asked to guess. i don't know the language. i failed. she 'denda' me to read do'a rabithah. the thing is, after that, i found a book at ayah's work area entitled "Syarah Do'a Rabithah" Saudaraku, Kuhadirkan Wajahmu dalam Do'aku by Muhammad Lili Nur Aulia. i don't finish reading this book yet. ^.^

samihah is gonna have the JPJ test on the same day with me. she's taking the test for second time. omo. i'm nervous. takut...39 a. ha.

apa lagi nak tulis weih?

hahaha. nak taip entri panjang-panjang la. why? sebab sidebar kat tepi tu lebih dari entri. jadi nak entri saksama panjangnya dengan sidebar! hahaha! gyaaa

yesterday, i had edited the blogs i'm following. after delete there, add here, there're 100 blogs i'm following! terer ah.

i had edited the sidebar as well. can you see what have disappeared? few things. if you can guess the right things, i will give you... nak bagi apa? tak ada apa-apa.

hurnm. i have laughed many times here. ah... ops..

yesterday ummi was on via googletalk. ummi chatted with me. yes. ummi chatted with me. ha. i don't know what to ask to ummi. furthermore, she thought i was yiba. haha. yiba was on too using our elder sisters' old-thick-authentic acer. hahaha. laughing again. i should keep away from computer. since i don't know who should i chat with via YM. what are beneficial things i can do via facebook, friendster, blog? haha.nanana

o yeah. about my previous skill (what the...?) school. the A.I.S.S. it has been a very long time too i don't visit it. i saw a picture in Anis's camera, there is a pavement (is it really pavement? the bricks... i don't know what is the real name is). ha. teachers park their cars there.

ok. i will close (--") end this entry with CARE information.

CARE ( Campus Environmentalist ) — adalah komuniti penggerak (aktivis) yang terdiri daripada mahasiswa/i IPT yang menumpukan kepada gerakkerja pendidikan, pemuliharaan dan pemeliharaan alam sekitar. Aktivis CARE akan membentuk satu keorganisasian yang mampu untuk mengupayakan diri dan masyarakat serta berkesedaran tinggi dalam konteks mengenalpasti masalah alam sekitar, mencari sumber dan punca masalah, bertindak dan memikirkan tindakan yang dirasakan wajar atas permasalahan atau isu yang timbul serta menyedarkan masyarakat luar tentang tanggungjawab bersama yang harus dimainkan bersama dalam usaha mencapai kehidupan yang sejahtera di atas planet bumi yang satu ini.
source : http://care[ai][pi][ti][bi]

so long.

o yeah. it is two weeks already i'm home. i had cooked caramel pudding. i had cooked ntah-apa-apa-punya-ayam-and-beef. ha. ha. several days ago, i threw garlic, onion, into the kuali. followed by chicken (chopped), oyster sauce, ketchup (read: kicap), white and black pepper. it's delicious. apabolehbuathe. he. today, i threw garlic, onion again into the vision. then, i threw the beef (chopped) and water. then, i put cabbages, serai, ginger, limau purut. hahaha. i put the serai, so that i can taste it's taste and smell it's scent. but i put it very sedikit. ha. (vocab teruk!) the ginger, i don't know why the heaven i put it. limau purut, for the taste and scent too. (ada ke guna word scent? --") and yiba ate a slice of limau purut!!terharu

that's all.

so short. ;p


drive yourself.

after a long time i left my driving class, and my driving trial at home-without a legal permission, last morning, i started to drive again! huh.
i was very nervous. mati1
it had been about 6 months i didn't go to Kotaraya. if i crossed it with my family, i didn't recognize and realize that much. yes. i remember i was on the road with my dad during my sister - yiba's MRI (Majlis Restu Ilmu). maybe just that once until today.

after two persons, there you go, it's my turn! the two girls before me were born in the same year with me. ha. ha. my peers. they are having their semester break and continuing their driving class just like me. they are Sara and ... i didn't ask her name this one. Sara is a pre-teacher trainee just like me too again, ha. ha. but in Ampuan Afzan campus. she's in Social Studies. another girl is currently studying in UiTM Machang in banking. Sara is was also a student in ummi's school. ho. ho.

Sara's story was interesting. she had taken the JPJ test before she register either in UniKL or AFc. however she failed the test and has to repeat the test. that's the reason she was in the car with me. mean while, the other girl, i'll call her Kak Long since she's the first child, was finishing her final hour to be tested by JPJ. Sara told us her experience during her previous test. before the test, she was hoping to get a female examiner. her hope became true! but, not very considerate. ha. ha. today, she is hoping that she will get a kind-easy to make us pass the test!- examiner. Kak Long and me agreed.

about myself, as usual, after several minutes i sit in the car, my eyes got heavier... heavier... until i lost in my own world. the unconscious world! ha. ha. sleepyhead uh? i don't know.. i don't really know the exact reason for my sleeping habit in my teacher's car! i was fully sleep during the trip back to home. andkeringetan cikgu asked, "kenapa selalu mengantuk?" 35i was not really awake that time. i just grinned and agreed to the time for the next class. then, i walked home.

oh yes. Kotaraya has changed a lot! less tree. less seat bench. more space for motorist circuit. ho. ho. i quite enjoy watching those motorists on the circuit.

what else? talked to two sisters. one is graduated from a university in Terengganu. the other one is a teacher in Sarawak. ha. ha. the one who is a teacher told us her story in Sarawak. about how did she get the pose in Sarawak and she get married early. she has been teaching in Sarawak for two years. she's just 23 year-old. well, now i know that i can choose the place for posting. from the sister's story, if i don't really want to be there, either Sabah or Sarawak, please don't ask for it! kui.

omo. today, Aya has moved to KL with her family. when i rewind my memories with my friends, i feel like, how can they, now, just playing in the mind? just in the virtual mind? now, we are splashed into various places in the country and world. in the North part of Malaysia. West. Egypt. Jordan. hu. hu.
27and, am very grateful to internet. ha. for making us possible to keep in touch. though, with this internet we do not keep in touch that much. still, we know. we have a better 'talian hayat'. it is du'a. the prayer. we still can keep in touch through our prayers. so, Always Say A Prayer!mantabs

currently reading three books. my reading interest has been decreasing nowadays. ketiduran
this disease is dangerous. i'm rewatering my desire in reading back. yes. i'm trying my best. all the best!


pen off.



dalam penghujung salah satu entri + satu entri lepas aku pernah sebutkan pasal marah.

sudah lama aku tak marah... means, nak meletup-letup kat orang lain.

ketika di kampus, selalu je ada marah tu. tapi, marah yang meletup dah lama tak. sekarang ni, marah meletup tu, dah lama tak meletup di luar rumah.

tapi, aku pelik, balik rumah, senang je pulak marah meletup tu nak kebaboom!

aku tanya diri sendiri, kenapa?

hairannya diriku. padahal rumah itulah yang di sakit-sakitkan nak balik. sanggup tanggung tambang prebet individually sebab nak balik.

baru terlintas tadi, "masuk rumah bagi salam tak?"

itulah antara kepentingan bagi salam. beradab tu mesti.

setiap kali suara yang keluar dari kerongkong ni melebihi satu oktaf, hati sebenarnya mengigil melawan marah. marah itu melawan fitrahku yang baik!

aku tak suka tengok wajah adikku 'Ali dan Muhammad ketika kena jerit dengan kakaknya ini. terutamanya 'Ali. besar impaknya dalam kehidupannya nanti.

dua tiga hari lepas, Ahmad meluahkan rasanya ketika kemarahan kepada 'Ali itu berpunca daripada aku sehingga empangan air matanya pecah lagi sekali.

sungguh, aku tak suka marah.

aku kasihan tengok 'Ali. aku tak suka marah. aku tak suka tinggi-tinggikan suara.

teringat peristiwa-peristiwa marah adik-adik yang lalu, geram. ya. berdosa.

terngiang-ngiang kata ummi. ummi yang bersusah payah bawak kami semua dalam kandungannya. siapa aku untuk marah mereka?

jadi, walaupun marah. kena fikir, aku ni siapa? kenapa aku marah? perlu ke?

marah pada bukan tempatnya tu zalim jugak.

tapi ada lagi satu marah yang aku tak faham. entri lain, insya Allah aku cerita.

cuti tinggal lagi 5 minggu! pergi sentuh coursework la!


cermin duniawi.

cermin duniawi - firdaus ft. tomok. (got this thru doc ummu's blog. ^-^)

hari ini, genap seminggu sudah diriku berada dirumah.

genap seminggu juga ummi dan si Aman itu bermusafir nun di barat dunia.

seminggu berada dirumah, terasa seperti tidak ada apa-apa. (BAHAYA)

balik rumah, dugaan paling besar, tempat tidur best. [bukan ke aku ni kat mana-mana boleh tidur ke? -.-"] tambah lagi kena dengan musim hibernasi ini. pencahayaan rumah juga menjadi sangat malap! -.- alasan semata. huhu. namun, itulah dugaanku yang sangat mencabar! percayalah! (tak boleh blah)

berfikir-fikir pasal fenomena cuti-balik-tido-makan ni, teringat kata-kata seorang pensyarah masa kem sukan dan rekreasi yang baru seminggu berlalu. dia komen kitorang pasal kitorang... kitorang = aku dan rakan-rakan sekelas. he. kitorang ni tak fit katanya. agak la. huhu. dia sebut mungkin sebab habit dari sekolah jugak kot. tambah-tambah sekolah asrama. macam ayam ternak. kat sekolah belajar, belajar, belajar. sampai masa makan, makan. dan seterusnya rutin pelajar hari ini. apabila cuti, balik je, tido. hu. itulah gaya hidup tidak sihat. inside me, aku agak denial la. sebab aku bukan pelajar tinggal di asrama. :P he. he. jadi, pensyarah tersebut telah menasihati kami agar mengamalkan budaya hidup sihat ketika cuti. ^-^

*imbas kembali kehidupan di kampus itu sekejap*


teringat... pasal couple. ha. ha. aku kena kejutan! kejutan apa?

semua orang keluar dating. ramai orang tiap-tiap minggu outing untuk jumpa pak we-mak we.

ramai yang outing tengok wayang. keluar sama-sama lelaki perempuan. well. zahirnya nampak tak salah. dan pendapat aku,... entah. tak reti nak cakap macam mana. pernah hampir menyertai kawan-kawan. hu. alhamdulillah aku canceled.

teringat lagi....

nak taip lagi. tapi, dah mengantuk lah!

maka, saya beransur dahulu.

pelajaran hari ni : korbankan kepentinganmu jika benar ingin bermanfaat untuk orang lain!


a pink letter. (2)

in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

i promised to continue the story about the pink letter a k a summons letter before. so, let's continue about it.
ngeteh oh yes. before that, i better check my planner. :D

it was 28th of october 2009, wednesday.

now i remember, this day was the busiest day! hectic!

two big events for me. social studies was on this day. i was not aware about the date! very guilty to my teammate. speechless at night, i had tae kwon do ceremony. for the second time, i got yellow belt.

about the pink letter... i broke the rules. my friends and i. haha.

on the same day, wednesday, 28th october 2009, there was a spot check. it was done by the chief warden and his 'konco-konco'. i didn't realize about it. it's just, when i arrived my level, my roommate told me, "our heater was taken...." haha.

they (chief warden and the 'konco-konco') took my level mates' iron, water heaters/kettles, hairdryers. however, some of us were lucky because certain things didn't disappear. he. for example, my room, they took our heater but not the iron.

my friends and i received the pink letter, if i'm not mistaken, on friday. 30th of october 2009. i received mine in the noon. i was sleeping in my friend's room. it was a tiring day too. in that week, my classmates and i was on the highest peak of stress. stress

after received the pink letter, we had to write a letter. a letter to back up ourselves, perhaps. haha. explanation letter. we typed the letters. we supported ourselves with various reasons. ha. at the same time, we admitted our mistakes. :D

we submitted the letters to the chief warden ourselves. i went to his department with my roommate. my reasons for breaking the rules were :
'pihak tuan tidak menyediakan kemudahan-kemudahan itu.
tidak diperingatkan mengenai peraturan'

then, i doubted about the spot check.
'aras lain, blok lain tidak dijalankan spot check.'

the chief warden replied me about my doubt.

"awak pernah tengok road block?" i nodded.

"ada orang pernah marah JPJ buat road block?" i shook my head. with a smile.

"ada tak orang persoalkan, kenapa tak buat road block kat jalan .. bla3.. ramai lagi buat kesalahan... ada?" i shook my head. ehe. apabolehbuat

could you write the values we can take? :)

may Allah bless!


a pink letter.

haha. a pink letter is not an imagery for a healthy condition. it is a 'surat saman'!!

wanna know more?

just wait. to be continue next two weeks. insya Allah.

the moral values : be obedient. :)

too many stories to share? hm?

ok. gotta go. bukit mertajam is waiting for me!



2nd update from penang

dah delete post "see you".
kenapa ek?
sedang sakit rumah. kind of stress about something that i shouldn't take port. :P
serve me right uh?

sedang sakit rumah.
insya Allah by hook or by crook, i'll be home in the early of november before the school holidays.
heh. dah dekat dengan cuti sekolah, tak ke membazir?
tak peduli. hari aku last ada kelas, ummi dah nak fly. no. way.
nak jumpa ummi dulu.

tu la. deepavali tak nak balik. kedekut sangat.
bukan kedekutlah. harga tak sama... kedekut la tu! -.-"

semalam berliqa' dengan akak-akak medic lagi. haha.
k.Put fetch me by her blue myVii. hurnm. second time pergi sungai Petani.
2 weeks ago dah pergi SP, tapi yang tu open house je.
kali ni duduk, sambung muqaddimah zilal lagi.

on the way pergi SP, yeah,aku tak tido lagi! :D
kesian k. Put ketika first time ke SP 2 minggu lepas. aku tidur. dah la k. Tiha pun tak ada.
k.Put drive sorang-sorang. nge~

on the way ke SP, k.Put bukak cerita analogi-analogi. sebab last week, k.Put berprogram bersama ustaz Salam.

antara analogi-analogi yang dibangkitkan, nila, orang lemas, pastu kandang-kandang manusia biasa, manusia da'ie, manusia ekstreme. hurnm.
3 analogi disitu. dan sehingga saat ini, aku masih gagal melakukannya! argh!

rindu. rindu. sakit rumah. sakit rumah. kuang3.

again, am asking myself, adakah karat-karat itu betul aku hapuskannya atau aku sedang menambahkan pengoksidaannya?

kredit untuk : miss ain syuhada dan miss zati bayani

add notes : tadi berjalan-jalan di 'jalan matahari' (sila translate ke bahasa inggeris.) kui3.

nota tambah lagi : bahasa aku dalam blog ni semakin rosak nampaknya. kerja-kerja institut semakin banyak!


an update from penang.

terima kasih kepada classmateku liza.
untuk subjek teknologi maklumat,
aku kena create a blog!
dush~ takkan ku berikan link blog ini!! (maksud aku untuk projek teknologi maklumat tu.)
so, i've created another one using the same account!
wanna have a look?
rasa agak poyo dengan url link itu.
tapi tak mengapalah.
nanti balik raya, insya Allah aku make up kan blog itu.
so, theme for that blog is my journey in this institute.
10 terakhir ramadhan sudah tiba.
see ya.
kenang aku dalam do'a korang!
nak balik!!



heart cakap telefon dengan ayah, memang selalu cair.heart

heartdapat bersama-sama ummi dalam satu hari memang menenangkan.heart

heartdapat panggilan daripada momo, lidah kelu. suara jadi nyaring. excited tak terkata.

heartdapat SMS daripada lala, jari kaku. kenapa lala? gumbira dia habiskan kredit untuk aku.

hearttengok warkah kiri yummy, mata sayu. jiwa seakan dipam-pam oleh angin! berkembang. membesar!

heartdengar suara yiba, dapat SMS dari aman, diorang ingat lagi aku rupanya.

heartfirst time dapat panggilan malu-malu dari muhammad, aku tengah program. maaf ya dik!

heart'ali junaid, as loud as always.

heartahmad? adikku ganti aku ubah susun atur rumah! tingkat atas...

heartbalik, jangan harap sangat nak mengarang sangat. kerja sekolah maksud aku.
tak tenang tengok bilik aku tinggalkan untuk yiba itu.angry

konklusi : equal smile
yummy, rajin-rajin nukilkan warkah untuk aku!heart

lala, send me message tho no replies at all!heart

momo, just call me! but don't at morning, afternoon and evening. heart

ok. gotta go! heart


am waiting for yummy neechan to appear online in my YM. -.-

ramadhan. madrasah tarbiyah sinonimnya.
ramadhan. bulan berkat, bulan rahmat, bulan keampunan.
ramadhan. bulan paling banyak tawarannya.

aku mesti RAJIN. aku mesti BERUSAHA!
build my PASSION, my DESIRE in what i'm doing now.

kerja yang aku senaraikan sudah terusik.
tapi progres nya sangat perlahan!

sejauh manakah sayonara aku kepada jahiliyah?


pendek + tag cik arina = panjang.

ramadhan dah datang. selamat kepada semua.

insya Allah sedang berada di rumah dan akan berada di rumah untuk lagi tiga hari.

ada dua short coursework assignment.

ada banyak essay kena buat untuk Social Studies. tambah slides.

akan berada di Putrajaya untuk tiga hari. -.-"

2 september giliran kelas memasak untuk iftar!

baru sedar diri asyik mengigau. -.-. dan ianya mengerikan bila mendengar cerita dari kawan-kawan.
ngeri dengan diri sendiri?

rasa makin terumbang-ambing.
rasa dengki dengan kawan-kawan ada program.

aku punya kakak-kakak yang hebat.
tak ada naqibah pun, boleh buat liqa' sendiri.
aku punya akhawat yang hebat.
tak ada orang yang biasa buat circle, mereka boleh adakan!

aku patut luangkan masa untuk diri sendiri. rather than internet, books, etc.


hari pertama puasa di Bukit Mertajam. berbuka di Butterworth. melanggar peraturan surau.

cik arina,
terima kasih pokok celagi,
lain kali tak mau lagi! :P

  1. Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle.
  2. For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
  4. Tag 10 17 friends.
  5. Everyone tagged has to do the same thing.
  6. Have fun.
If someone says ‘Are you okay’ you say?
playing - ya rayah
How would you describe yourself?
playing - dunia baru islam
What do you like in a guy/girl?
playing - berkorban apa saja
How do you feel today?
playing - we will not go down

What is your life’s purpose?
playing - flowers are red

What’s your motto?
playing - sang eo reul sa rang han in eo
What do your friends think about you?
playing - anata dake mitsumeteru

What do your parents think about you?
playing - kasih sejarak dua jari

What do you think about very often?
playing - futatsu no kodou to akai tsumi

What is 2 + 2?
playing - my mum is amazing!

What do you think of your best friend?
playing - *unknown japan song*

What is your life story?
playing - hikmah kembara
What do you want to be when you grow up?
playing - forgive me when i whine

What do you think when you see the person you like?
playing - gee
What will you dance to at your wedding?
playing - sohniye
What will they play at your funeral?
playing - cinta pertama

What is your hobby / interest?
playing - looking glass

What is your biggest fear?
playing - baitul maqdis

What is your biggest secret?
playing - kalimatan

What do you want right now?
playing - free.

What do you think of your friends?
playing - sebelum terlena

What will you post this as?
playing - wahai pemuda islam.


rasa yang terindah.

rasa yang terindah? apakah?!! maksud
sebahagian lirik dari keheningan malam - hijjaz.

*aii... rasa cam nak taip lirik aje!!! tidak~*

ok. pertama sekali, aku dah lama tak plug in aku punya charger.

ya. bateri dah nyala kaler kuning sebelum merah. dalam tempoh masa dua bulan lepas,
aku selalu pesan kat adik-adik form four dan form five pasal charger. tajdiid niyah.

*falling away berdendang*

apa yang berlaku hari ini, kerana apa yang telah berlaku semalam. omo... rentetan peristiwa semalam.

apa yang berlaku.. yang sudah, sedang dan akan, semua itu dengan izin Allah s.w.t. itu mesti yakin!
err.. habis, kenapa aku elak lembu? dush~~

tadi, pergi bandar. seorang diri. sesungguhnya aku tak suka pergi beli apa-apa pun seorang diri. he.

aku pergi sana dengan menaiki bas awam. aku sungguh suka bas awam! sebab murah. dan di negeriku ini, bas memang berpendingin hawa.
sebaik sahaja bas berhenti di destinasi yang tuju, *apsal terdengar2 lagu destinasi siti nurhaliza ni?*
aku seperti lipas kudung aku turun daripada bas. keluar dari abdomen bas.

tiba-tiba, seorang kanak-kanak lelaki menyekat aku dari meneruskan langkahku yang laju dan kalut.
aku berpaling melihat wajahnya.

suaranya, "minta derma..." sambil menunjukkan senaskhah yaasin.

aku, menyelongkar poket kiri overallku, bersuara, "sekolah lagi?" *aku lupa dia angguk ke tidak*
jariku sudah mencapai objektif dalam poket. objektif tersebut bertukar tangan.
aku menggosok bahu kirinya dan suaraku, "belajar rajin-rajin."

aku meneruskan langkahku yang laju dan kalut tadi.
aku juga tertanya sendiri, kenapa soalan itu aku ajukan? kenapa ayat itu yang keluar?
wajah budak itu terlakar diminda.
bersilih ganti dengan wajah Ali dan Muhammad. 'aini kabur.

akhir sekali, my assignments aren't finished yet!!!

august 2009.

aug 2nd - D.O.B azim sekolah rendah
aug 3rd - D.O.B nadia sekolah rendah (tersilap wish semalam. oow)
aug 4th - D.O.B ihsan classmate f1-f3
aug 5th - patutnya tarikh test dengan JPJ!!! terharu
aug 6th - momo neechans! and encik faiz...kan? ho. ho.
aug 7th - mehyra and doc hanif + tarikh penceraian malaysia dengan singapura.
aug 13th - zaki classmate f1-f5.
aug 15th - izni 'aqilah a.k.a eznehyung!
aug 16th - fatin amirah classmate sekarang. nanana
aug 21st - ROQ. siti's anniversary.
aug 22nd-aug31st - CUTI!!!! 15
ramadhan 3rd - ahmad ibrahim.
aug 25th - azeem and izzat.
aug 31st - piJah. ^-^


oh. my management week story. ehhem. management week is orientation week at my institute.
yes, it was in the first week we're there.
most activities were indoor ; in the hall.
i was anxious. i was nervous. i was afraid. haha. why?
the main reason is, there, we're in formal attire. uh. i'm not that formal.
however, to not be a troublemaker nor rules breaker nor find troubles, i followed all the instructions i read in the offer letter. i left my sneakers in its box. i wore the black shoes i'd worn on the interview day. nananai wore kurung baju. i wore black socks. no colourful. no more white scarf. i wore the scarf that match my baju's colour. ketawamiris i registered myself by myself. haha.
the academy before, i left all the things to ayah. yes, i'm a dependent person. i realized that this time.
along the management week, we're given 2 chalks each person as "barang amanah". mine fell and broke on the second night. whoever broke the chalks were given other thing. we got bricks!
catwoman on the fourth day, they 'lighten' our burden. they gave us "biskut mayat".
everynight we're 'tortured' except the third night.
the fourth night, they 'tortured' us again. i ain't stress . just fed-up gerah2, i might say.
the climax was here. hahaha! there're seniors who acted as freshies. it was like this.
as usual, before we return to our room, we've an 'assembly'. the fourth night, they-seniors who managed to arrange our orientation week-announced that a handphone lost. err... had been stolen by someone. they shouted to us. "baru hari ke berapa dah mencuri... bla3.. bla3..."
then, the so-called victim stand in front of us. after several minutes... maybe 30 minutes, a person admitted. the 'pesalah' was brought to police station... (kononnya.) by a car.
at the same time, there's a name list. the names in the list 'kononnya' blacklisted. a brother called those names.
diorang pun tensenkan kitorang. bla3.. bla3... nak maafkan ke diorang yang dah buat salah ni...
bla3... kitorang pulak bangunlah beramai-ramai nak bela kawan kitorang. diorang bidas balik... mane korang percaya? baru berapa hari duduk sekali...
then semua kena duduk. kecuali yang bersalah tadi.
lepas tu, kereta tadi balik kembali. yang mencuri itu pun keluar. tak lama, kitorang diarahkan pejam mata. semua. sekali.
kedengaran, "happy birthday to you! happy birthday to you! ...."
"bukak mata! bukak mata!"
my eyes were blurr. he.
one of the brothers said, "salahkan kawan-kawan korang. sape suruh lahir minggu ni... hahaha!"
ade ke? hah
nama-nama yang kena panggil tu rupanya birthday boys and girls.
barisan pelakon diperkenalkan. pelakon wanita tak ada rasanya.
segalanya yang diorang-seniors- telah lakukan sepanjang minggu itu adalah lakonan semata-mata.
except certain parts. makanorang hu. hu.
am telling you, this is my first orientation week ever in my life. hu. hu.
that's all.

ehm. kali ni memang sya'aban sudah muncul. rejab sudah berlalu. ramadhan sedang datang.
rejab has gone. sya'aban is here. ramadhan is coming soon!

semoga dapat manfaat.

self, pergi siapkan kerja sekolah!

ai. ai.

rindukan chargerku. sendirian