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just one.

only one task i've done lately. however, i've improved myself. i've read preface in the literature book. just the preface? i'd read several short stories indeed during previous semester. but, never read the preface before. i would like to share with you a sentence in the preface.

...: to expand students' appreciation of literature and to suggest the many possibilities for self-discovery that literature offers.

i remember mr. genga. my lecturer for 'English Studies'. this subject is about literature. ha. ha. jika dikenang saat bersamanya dalam kelas... kelakar! the first class, it's ok. i didn't fall asleep. second class... until the second month, i can't hold my eyes anymore! haha. the first time i fell asleep in his class, i apologized to him. the next next class? hurnm. i didn't apologize anymore. still, the guilt is hanging over my heart.

mr. genga always repeat this sentence, "literature teach you about humanity. how we deal with our life.. (bla3)..." something like that. ha. ha. thus, because of his sentence, i keep forcing myself to get 'possessed' in literature. haha. omo. i'm quite interested in literature.

o yeah. the task i've done is article writing. that's not part of my study in the institute. it's one of my commitment i've to commit with - the CARE. well. i chose to be there, so, i've to do whatever it comes. bla3. dah mula mengarut.
k.put asked me to read sirah. since i'm reading two books now, i want to finish those books first. then i will force myself to read sirah. insya Allah. am thinking about ayah's words. about two things. naah. i'm not going to tell about them here.

i didn't attend mc10's sister's reception. momo has gone to gombak. ahmad has gone to his hostel. i forgot that ahmad's break is not like others. i was hoping that he'll be around during my break! haha. why? it's joyful to have a talk with him. bla3. ye la tu. having a fight pun sangat la best! yiba'll seat for her PQS paper today in the evening afternoon. pray for her. also for other candidates.

i'm infected by yiba. playing fish isle on facebook. -.- crap. infected by momo too. playing jungle jewels.

these are the books building i mentioned in the previous post.

these files are my works. social studies, language development, language description, English studies, co-curricular. oh. so many of them!

these are the books i'd brought in my bag from the institute! they're very heavy ok? the green book is the book i'm talking about in the above paragraph.

this is the firs book i finished during this break. -.-

the second book khatamed by me. haha. i don't really understand this novel. it's more interesting than the novel above and below, but it's that. i don't really understand the message. yeah. it's in Indonesia Language~ the place setting is in Spain. Granada. Albacyin (lebih kurang macam nilah ejaan. x rajin nak gi check). the time setting is undefined. i will read it once again. maybe. aha.

this is the third novel. i finished it yesterday. -.- typical story by alaf21.

o yeah. there's another novel! haha. four novel i've finished? this is not an improvement!! empat novel yang dibaca secara lompat-lompat. haha. not interesting enough. andalusia's story above is interesting, but the problem is about the language.

ok. you should make a checklist. it's already three weeks. -.-"

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