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it's me.

+ Sufiyyah 
+ muslim
+ my blood is O+
+ red lover who has fallen in love with pink when she turned 26 in 1437
+ books lover
+ nature lover
+ hitting the road lover
+ a teacher


the fourth daughter of Mariah and Wan Zulkifli 

a younger sister of Maryam, Fatimah (married with Muhammad Syamsi bin Mohd Taufik) & Khaulah Sa'adah

an elder sister of Nasibah, Ahmad Ibrahim, Abdul Rahman, Abdullah Junaidi, Ali Akmal & Muhammad

a granddaughter of Kadir & Aisyah and Wan Abdullah & Aini

an Aunty Uda of Yuusuf & Jum'ah Amin

chubby Yuusuf. bak kata yiba: bam bam. haha.
this is my favourite picture of him.
let's watch him growing up. :)


the latest photo of this bam bam. all star Yuusuf! :P 
left: Yuusuf. right: Jum'ah Amin. i miss them so much!

this is Jum'ah Amin. he is friendlier than Yuusuf. :P his age wud be the same of me growing old in Johore. 

11 Sya'aban 1411

Tadika Iman

Sekolah Rendah Islam Aman
-PTS candidate 2000; unsuccessful! (>.<) 
-Pergerakan Syabab Fatayat Malaysia (PSFM)
- UPSR: 5A
- SPPM: 7A 3B

Sekolah Menengah Islam Aman
-Pergerakan Syabab Fatayat Malaysia (PSFM) 
-Kadet Remaja Sekolah Musleh (KRSM)

-PMR: 8A 1B
-PMRI: 6A 3B 1-

Foundation of Science and Islamic Studies
[June 8th-July 8th, 2009]
-majmu'ah 10

Foundation of PISMP (TESL) Primary Education
[July 2009-December 2010]

PISMP (TESL) Primary Education [or PISMP TESL/LA/RBT]
[January 2011 till December 2014]

 Pergerakan Puteri Islam Malaysia (PPIM)
[January 2012 till December 2015]

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