dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


random no. 10

68. before went home. after finished exam. i'd known that imma an adult. haha. yada. realized that ain't a kid that cries for being neglected and ain't young to be a participant or follower forever.

69. i had great time with teenage girls. well.. they're in early of their teen-ages. they're really testing my patience. and i learnt that there are children who will always quote their mother's to compare your actions. and they trust you as a teacher very much when it doesn't go against their mother's or daddy's.
being with them also made me feel... hmm.. well. i was the oldest that time. i was taking care of them. and i was insensitive to be concern about their health condition. imagine, they'd been suffering of diarrhea since morning, and i only knew that in the evening near dusk after being told, not out of my  observation. haihh..

70. know what... when we want to do something, and we do our best to do it and we have clear intention of doing it, we put our priority within what Allah likes and what He forbids us, masha Allah. insya Allah, He's all there for us. try to reflect our life in this year 2013. is there any events we feel it's like miracle? if we did, istighfar and say alhamdulillah. ^_^

71. driving. there are two challenges which are testing my patience and testing my egomania characteristics. for me, it's very annoying if u're on the right lane and u're not speeding up. then, it's the same if u're changing ur directions without signals. haha. i don't mind if u're overtaking me if u mind the two things i'd mentioned. =p
and i haven't finished my B2 license biz. ~_~

72. finished three novels so far after ar-raqaiq. started cahaya di atas cahaya, though. reading oki's piece triggers me to have the intention to further my studies at Ummul Qura!! hmmmm....

73. am happy. about something. because there's a reason for dia to text me. *sounds desperate, i know* but am happy.

74. am annoyed. two different events. and i have done my declaration. i am training myself to be a person who left the said things behind for something bad. if i say i wanna stop, please, leave me alone. help me to stop. u think why did i declare? bcoz i hope u understand. so, don't disturb me. u think why did i apologize? bcoz i wanna let go the bad feelings and to forget. thus, please, don't even say anything about that particular issue anymore and it's worst for me if u're trying to explain more. sorry, i would be frozen if u did. to let go and to forget because i wanna maintain our relationship and i have realized my mistakes three.