dear my visitors and readers

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do learn something from this blog.
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hontouni arigatou! :)


HE knows best

thinking of the past,
there're some; full of aversion
there're some; unwanted to be remembered; embarrassing
there're some; forgotten
most of the time, i do want to forget everything.
and, yet,
sometimes, am grateful for the past.

thinking of the future,
planned; unsure
going on with the flow; unsure
unknown; unsure
and, i have the present.

i do wanna cherish the present
without tracing back to the past
without foreseeing the future
in a phrase; without worry
and, yes, worry ends when faith begins.

at some points,
the yesterdays i want to forget; because of today,
the tomorrows i am afraid of; because of today,
doubting my self; looking for the tangled parts i didn't untie and did overlook; self-checking.


to repent is the best way to mend,
to know that i live to die, 
to apologise to release the guilt,
to forgive to let go,
to live for Him, 
the journey has winding ways. 

to summarise,
have faith; 
He knows best
in the past
in the present
in the future
full stop.