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drive yourself.

after a long time i left my driving class, and my driving trial at home-without a legal permission, last morning, i started to drive again! huh.
i was very nervous. mati1
it had been about 6 months i didn't go to Kotaraya. if i crossed it with my family, i didn't recognize and realize that much. yes. i remember i was on the road with my dad during my sister - yiba's MRI (Majlis Restu Ilmu). maybe just that once until today.

after two persons, there you go, it's my turn! the two girls before me were born in the same year with me. ha. ha. my peers. they are having their semester break and continuing their driving class just like me. they are Sara and ... i didn't ask her name this one. Sara is a pre-teacher trainee just like me too again, ha. ha. but in Ampuan Afzan campus. she's in Social Studies. another girl is currently studying in UiTM Machang in banking. Sara is was also a student in ummi's school. ho. ho.

Sara's story was interesting. she had taken the JPJ test before she register either in UniKL or AFc. however she failed the test and has to repeat the test. that's the reason she was in the car with me. mean while, the other girl, i'll call her Kak Long since she's the first child, was finishing her final hour to be tested by JPJ. Sara told us her experience during her previous test. before the test, she was hoping to get a female examiner. her hope became true! but, not very considerate. ha. ha. today, she is hoping that she will get a kind-easy to make us pass the test!- examiner. Kak Long and me agreed.

about myself, as usual, after several minutes i sit in the car, my eyes got heavier... heavier... until i lost in my own world. the unconscious world! ha. ha. sleepyhead uh? i don't know.. i don't really know the exact reason for my sleeping habit in my teacher's car! i was fully sleep during the trip back to home. andkeringetan cikgu asked, "kenapa selalu mengantuk?" 35i was not really awake that time. i just grinned and agreed to the time for the next class. then, i walked home.

oh yes. Kotaraya has changed a lot! less tree. less seat bench. more space for motorist circuit. ho. ho. i quite enjoy watching those motorists on the circuit.

what else? talked to two sisters. one is graduated from a university in Terengganu. the other one is a teacher in Sarawak. ha. ha. the one who is a teacher told us her story in Sarawak. about how did she get the pose in Sarawak and she get married early. she has been teaching in Sarawak for two years. she's just 23 year-old. well, now i know that i can choose the place for posting. from the sister's story, if i don't really want to be there, either Sabah or Sarawak, please don't ask for it! kui.

omo. today, Aya has moved to KL with her family. when i rewind my memories with my friends, i feel like, how can they, now, just playing in the mind? just in the virtual mind? now, we are splashed into various places in the country and world. in the North part of Malaysia. West. Egypt. Jordan. hu. hu.
27and, am very grateful to internet. ha. for making us possible to keep in touch. though, with this internet we do not keep in touch that much. still, we know. we have a better 'talian hayat'. it is du'a. the prayer. we still can keep in touch through our prayers. so, Always Say A Prayer!mantabs

currently reading three books. my reading interest has been decreasing nowadays. ketiduran
this disease is dangerous. i'm rewatering my desire in reading back. yes. i'm trying my best. all the best!


pen off.

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