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a pink letter. (2)

in the name of Allah, the Most Gracious and Merciful.

i promised to continue the story about the pink letter a k a summons letter before. so, let's continue about it.
ngeteh oh yes. before that, i better check my planner. :D

it was 28th of october 2009, wednesday.

now i remember, this day was the busiest day! hectic!

two big events for me. social studies was on this day. i was not aware about the date! very guilty to my teammate. speechless at night, i had tae kwon do ceremony. for the second time, i got yellow belt.

about the pink letter... i broke the rules. my friends and i. haha.

on the same day, wednesday, 28th october 2009, there was a spot check. it was done by the chief warden and his 'konco-konco'. i didn't realize about it. it's just, when i arrived my level, my roommate told me, "our heater was taken...." haha.

they (chief warden and the 'konco-konco') took my level mates' iron, water heaters/kettles, hairdryers. however, some of us were lucky because certain things didn't disappear. he. for example, my room, they took our heater but not the iron.

my friends and i received the pink letter, if i'm not mistaken, on friday. 30th of october 2009. i received mine in the noon. i was sleeping in my friend's room. it was a tiring day too. in that week, my classmates and i was on the highest peak of stress. stress

after received the pink letter, we had to write a letter. a letter to back up ourselves, perhaps. haha. explanation letter. we typed the letters. we supported ourselves with various reasons. ha. at the same time, we admitted our mistakes. :D

we submitted the letters to the chief warden ourselves. i went to his department with my roommate. my reasons for breaking the rules were :
'pihak tuan tidak menyediakan kemudahan-kemudahan itu.
tidak diperingatkan mengenai peraturan'

then, i doubted about the spot check.
'aras lain, blok lain tidak dijalankan spot check.'

the chief warden replied me about my doubt.

"awak pernah tengok road block?" i nodded.

"ada orang pernah marah JPJ buat road block?" i shook my head. with a smile.

"ada tak orang persoalkan, kenapa tak buat road block kat jalan .. bla3.. ramai lagi buat kesalahan... ada?" i shook my head. ehe. apabolehbuat

could you write the values we can take? :)

may Allah bless!


Ftn Fth said...

im so sorry.
i cant believe it if i were u, replying the bombarded questions from the warden.

arghhhh !
aku x suko ore gitu.

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

be good to avoid the trouble? :D