dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


hi there.

peace be upon you.

i don't know what kind of title should i give to this entry.

out of sudden, i remembered something. i was disturbed by... if Syud wrote in her book, 'Teja Aulia', you-know-who, i'll write, i-don't-know-who. he/she is using 016. ok. i'll use he since it's a general thing. i don't know it's a male or female. his first message was, "hi there!" and that time, i was waiting for SMS from anyone in the choir group i was in charge. without thinking much, i replied, "hi. anything i can help?" then, he replied my SMS. err... i realised that i shouldn't reply his message earlier. haha. i was very irrational that time. Vik asked me to call that number to know who. i refused. it's okay lah. since i don't want to make things more complicated. i realised something, usually, when i got message from unknown people, i will just straight away call the number. but... i tried to flashback... since when i'd changed my style? maybe after i'd changed my number. well, it's cheaper now to reply a message. =.=" continue the story, i added the number to my screened number list. haha. that number is the third. =.=" few days later, unintentionally i opened the screened message box. there're two messages from that number. the first was the same as before, "hi there!" the second was in Malay this time. and his words were typed in full spelling. hm. that's all for my introduction. 

o yeah. i'm home. ^.^ arrived home at 6.30a.m. too late. i only got extra bus this time. 

guess what, there're lots of durians in front of the door. oho. last evening, ayah went to the orchard again with ummi and Muhammad. Muhammad got his little boot-like PCK ones but blue in colour. ummi asked me too if i want to go to the orchard. but i didn't have the heart to go. furthermore, i was eating that time. ^^ 

life at the institute is very hectic for me. i don't know why. but that's what i feel. and actually i didn't do anything at all. now, again, i feel like i am strangled by something. i'm not in comfort now. all i can say, i feel the insecurity. there, i feel my academic performance is not good as well as my involvement in other activities. alhamdulillah, i'm still can think using my heart and mind. together. ^^

this semester also i had several conflicts. erh... the more we know about certain or particular thing, object.... i can't finish the line. heh. yada. i have something in my mind. i don't wanna write here. :P 

last week, Shikh Nuruddin Al-Banjari Al-Makki came to the institute. yeah. it's very nice to have him at our place. i don't know what are the precise terms to be used here to describe about the day. but there's one significant thing in me. i miss my school. T.T we used to pray in jamaah in a hall. i used to have that 'good' feeling. i hope i will have another 'good' feeling at the institute. and yes, i'm the one who must strive to create that 'good' feeling. :)

i'd learned many things through out this third semester and people around me especially my roommates, classmates. alhamdulillah for giving me a working mind. 

it's already august 8,2010. 11p.m. my friend and i will depart to Butterworth back. 


o yeah. busyra! ramadhan is coming! 

i received an SMS from my classmate at APIUM last year, Nurul Asma' binti Abu Bakar, the message was;
Salam! Nama sy Sya'ban! Sy ingin mengingatkn anda bhw jiran sy iaitu Ramadhan akn dtg mengunjungi anda x lama lagi bsama isterinya iaitu Rezki & kedua2 anaknya iaitu Sahur & Iftar! Mrk akn ditemani oleh ketiga2 cucunya iaitu Rahmat, Barakat & Keampunan... Mrk akn pulang slpas 30 hari dgn menaiki pesawat Eid airlines... Hargai mereka & Anda akn mndpt berkat! Insya Allah.

comel kan? cik diah and cik hada said so. :) 

thus, let's greet ramadhan.

self, be strong. :) 
we're here to have tests. ^^ 
and spread the rahmah worldwide. (",)
never give up for HIS hope. =]

all the best for all!

pst... i didn't broadcast my homecoming news this time. haha. just wanna be at home. :) 


f@celess said...

chek sufiyyah,
mntk izin kopi pasta sms psl rmdhn tu ne..


sufiyyah zulkifli said...

farah mana kah ya?

مريم أبو أحمد said...

fuyoo.. banyak nya S.A dia. :P