dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)



miss. miss Yong?
miss me? :P

lately, i feel like falling down to the mantel layer in the earth again. but, at the same time, i too sometimes feel like eating strawberry with chocolate. ^_^

i feel like falling when i look at what i have done currently.
i feel like chocolate coated with strawberry when i read Allah's promises in the Qur'an, remember His rewards on the Judgement Day, feel of being yaqin with His true hope when He says in the Qur'an that He's near and He'll be All-Hearing to my du'as.


du'a is real powerful. it's for real. it's better than internet in connecting people beyond geographical barrier.

it's sweet. sometimes u just can't tell the person that u care for him. but, make du'a, and Allah hears you.

it's lovely. that you know Allah has the power over human. over the world. over this life. human's hearts are all in Allah's Knowledge and Hands. :) thus, make du'a.

it's gorgeous. that anywhere u are, just say it in the heart. look at the sky. all praises to Allah.

du'a means hope.
taubah means hope.
so, never lose hope.
keep du'a-ing.
keep taubah-ing.
for Allah won't put me aside when i'm walking to Him.

be grateful of what i have.

and, it's been seven days i've deactivated my account at one of social site. hmm...

what do i feel?

i feel am at peace! ah-ha.

why? hmm... because i found that reading others' status made me sick. sick in the heart. sick at emotion. why? well.. i'm sick of lovey-dovey status about being good for good spouses, baitul muslim etc etc etc... err... something like that. at one side, that's good that people realized about being solihah and solih~ however, when my home wall flooding with phrases, quotes etc. ONLY about that, i got annoyed. =.=" they do disturb my emotion and my brain!! *emo*

i too feel at peace because i found that i'd been very active socializing there. =.=" i suddenly feel ashamed of my comments and posts and likes on the men's status and walls and posts. embarrassing. T.T

hm... and, when i'd 'more' time, i, honestly i did stalk people. =.=" and i sometimes questioned myself, do i need to open his profile? is it necessary to be friend with him? it's doubtful~~~ la. la. la.

lastly, i found myself spending time on that social website more than one hour once i browsed it after being connected to internet! so, it disturbed my time. u might be saying,
 'it's ur fault that u donno  to manage your time well..' 

because i'm at fault, i left it!!! hu. ^_^ currently feel good without it.

my studies... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
i'd been distressed because i'm like wandering again in this world..

what am i doing?

why did i choose to be here?

why is it so hard to deal with?

why is it disheartening for me to accept the reality?

how can i solve these whispers in my heart?

who should i call to share all the loads i feel on this barrel? 

where is my passion?

where is my patience?

when did the large space in me i'd spared for this shrink?

yada. just be positive. turn to Allah. ask from Him. everything will be okay.

and, when i'm annoyed with lesson planning, i call ummi for ideas. ^_^ jazakillah khair ummi. hu.
i hope ummi will bear my calls until i've the confidence in doing it. am showing to ummi that her daughter here is very hopeless in such things. :'( and to listen to ummi's ideas are really like eating pizza. hu. because ummi has that aura of being a teacher~

muktamar is one the seven wasilah tarbiyyah. ^________________^ *knocking my head

i want this kind of love; which brings me to JANNAH. (it's cool say JANNAH rather than syurga or heaven. *gedik*)
example 1
example 2 (especially the third situation)


p/s: him/his/he - refers to human generally; not considering gender. 


xente@eyka said...

Welcome to da club hehehe..I agree with u,Allah is da best-est kan..

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

haha! ^_^ thank you mlmh~
yeaha~ Allah is the best-est! no doubt~