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realistic fiction.


i was playing with my younger brother happily outside the big hall. the hall was rectangle, i think. we played hide and seek. my brother would hide behind the hall where there was a parking space for motorbikes. that place was near to our mother's workplace; canteen. however, i liked to hide beside the hall where i could see double-storey houses. after a moment, i recognised that one of the doors at that side was wide open. my feet walked toward the door. as my distance toward the door became nearer, i could hear sounds of piano. i knew there was a black piano in the hall. i saw a lady was standing at the door. i stopped walking. then the lady went back inside.

i continued to walk toward the door. i silently looked inside. i hide my body behind the door. only my head could be seen from inside. then, my younger brother appeared beside me.


my brother and i was quite shocked. the lady caught us!

"do both of you play around here everyday?"

both of us nodded.

"what's your name?"
"nice! what about your brother?"
"i like that name!" the lady laughed.

it wasn't her who's playing the piano. it's her friend. then, my brother and i left the hall.

*    *    *    *

it's another day that i was playing with my  brother. this time, we're in the hall. there were many people in the hall. some of them were wearing formal attire and some were wearing informal attire. my brother and i stood near the main entrance in the hall. when there was somebody would like to leave or enter the hall, we open the sliding door. the sister who asked our names the other day was there. she was chatting with her two buddies. they sat on the sofa near the entrance. they smiled when they looked at us.

later, i could see two old women talked to them. they looked different. sometimes they looked at us. so the two women. then, the two witches came to us. one of them asked us,

"who's your parent?"

i looked at the sister. she looked guilty. the girl and the  man beside her looked the same. after few seconds, they just removed their eyes from us. i  told the witches our mother's name. then,

"your mother is working as?"

i answered the second question. just after she heard the answer, she asked my brother and i to leave the hall. i took my slipper that i put near the sister and her friends and left. before i left, i could hear their words,

"they're just innocent kids!"

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