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do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)



ahaha. x leh blah punya tajuk.


this sem break, am restless and reckless. helpless either. 0.o

just now, i was hungry. so, i decided to search for any burger stall by the road side. then, i would like to eat the burger watching something exciting. haha. like mat rempit racing on the road without concerning other road users and red traffic lights. or river cruise at Kelantan River << very ridiculous at such hour.

after bought a double burger, i went to the main city. along the way, i had thought if nothing interesting there, i would go to WCY. maybe i could enjoy shopping scenes there. heh.. as i turned right, near the dental clinic, woahhha... cars. okey. something is happening in the stadium. absolutely. i SMS my friend, K. Wa. haha.

i could see youngsters standing-laying-against-sitting on the steel bar. i stopped beside the cars parked there. lowing the volume of the radio. took my burger. open the window as narrow as possible but could allow the noise in the stadium to come in.

"Ayuh ayuh ayuh kelateku malam ini kita mesti menang!"

haha. full of spirit. yes. i enjoyed listening to the cheers. watching the young boys-to-men raising their hands up with the flags muffler everything to show their support.

i think, i want to experience watching one soccer match of TRW... but, ... i don't like crowds. arr... maybe someday. i can follow my brothers. hee...

urm... near the stadium, there is a hospital. hu.

there might be situations like:

stadium: one team won the game and one team lose the game.

hospital: innalillahi wa inna ilaihi roji'un. or welcome to the world, baby!


hm. another thing, after about one month i neglected my blogs, i feel like giving up my blogs. all. but, ahha. i still can't. because my blogs are where i spill what i can't in the FB and i feel like sharing, badly. hee..!

i'd quit plurk for 2 months. not thinking seriously to join twitter or any such things.

i lived without internet about 1 week and half. i feel like deactivating FB. haha. for good. for-ever. but, maybe after i grad i can do that. just 1 year and half to go.

ok. overlapping activities.


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