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random no. 11

76. "ummi... WSU stands for?"
"Wichita state university... anything?"
"ooo... hehe. just wanna know. i thought it's me. hauauaua"

77. muhammad said,
"sunat pun masuk tv?"

"kahwin pun masuk surat khabar?"

78. "thus, we, as we understand the  issue, just keep silent and observe until we have the opportunity to voice out at the right time..."  *ibrah of the story of one khalifah.

79. *please use spongebob squarepants OST tune.

sapo alumni SRI/SMI Aman? 

sapo belajar SRI/SMI Aman dulu?

alumni SRI/SMI Aman namo gapo?

jadi, sapo ahli KALAM?

80. "sufiyyah zulkifli?"


"zulkifli or zulkafli or...?"

spelling. name.

81. looking forward the January 17th, night! travelling me. may Allah ease. may Allah ease. and i have and i want  to cherish the present. me and time. again. feeling falling down. like leaves. but leaves never hate the wind that causes them to fall (Tere Liye). 

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