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Dear uncle Lee,

Dear uncle Lee,

yes. uncle Lee who was on the same flight with me today. FY1001. his seat was 17D. KBR-PEN.

departed at 13:15. arrived at 14:10.

what's the story?

before the departure, i sat beside him. we talked about this and that. he has 2 sons who're an architect and a pilot for Singapore Airlines.

in short, he asked me whether i'm familiar with the place from the Penang airport?

i said no, ain't familiar. i would take a bus to jetty. he disagreed. he told me he would send me to jetty by his car (he was not doubtful to help because we're Kelantanese. =). so, i was, okay. he told me to wait for him after the landing because he would be taking his luggage.

what had happened was that i need to go the wash room immediately after the flight landed. i went to the ladies without telling him. i took some time to settle my business in there. when i got out of the wash room, yes, my eyes were looking for him. of course. hu. because i said i'll wait for him.

nevertheless, i couldn't find him.

kind-hearted uncle Lee, i was thankful to meet you. and yes i would be guilty if you thought that i escaped from you. hope to see you again. lucky that i asked your name. at least, i know, the uncle who was very concern and kind and wanted to help me was uncle Lee. i should've asked for your contact number. i should've snapped your picture. ^~^"

i reached the college safely at 19:00.

he told me to travel. at least as far as Singapore. i will, uncle, in the future. worry not.

if you, yes, you who's reading this entry happened to know this uncle Lee, please let him know this about this post. ^~^"

the girl who's wearing brown shawl and denim dress.

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