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now i understand more about the word karma. ha. ha. funny eh?

i watched "Dimana isteriku" at TV3 two days ago at Che Yah's. yada. the television at this home is warded. actually, my sister and i wanted to watch a drama entitled "Ustazah dari UK" at TV2 on TV1, but it wasn't on air. there's a live show from "Pilih Kasih" instead.

two days ago, a tragic.. something tragic for me happened. okay. before that, for your information, i had been in my beloved secondary school for three days before the accident. i was to help my teachers for the prefect camp there. there, i'd commented my juniors, they weren't pro-active as they presented in their manifesto.

return to my tragic story. ummi was driving. on the way to the school mentioned above. then, we stopped at one traffic light. in front of our car we're riding, at the left corner, i could see a cute orange kitty under another car. it looked unwell. the light was still red. i told my sister about the kitty. then, the light turned to green.
"tak sempat dah la..."
i looked through the left side mirror, the little cat was still there. moving.

we continued our journey to our destination.

ummi asked me to drive. her head was spinning. i drove. we arrived the traffic light i mentioned above again. i saw a dead white body of a little cat on the lane i was driving. oh. and in front of us, there was the place of the orange kitty lost in it's world. ummi said, "don't look there," with an apologetic tone.
"kalau awak bertindak cepat tadi, sempat je nak bagi tau kat kereta-kereta tu.. ambil kucing tu bawak masuk kereta.." i was insensitive. i got it. if the day before, i told my juniors about it, that moment those words slapped me back.

today, i used the same road again. know what, i could see the orange spot on the road. i was.. regret. am regret. in the afternoon, i was blocked by two cats on the way home. black and white cat. i don't want to repeat the same mistake again. i'd killed. i killed.

thus, be more sensitive. being sensitive for thing like this is okay and good for us. think quick, act fast~

and yes, am still thinking about the if i react quick that moment...

i had the chance to save a soul. even it's a cat. a kitten.
maybe this is also how they feel for not change before it's too late.

this is a sad story.

42. That to thy Lord is the final Goal; 43. That it is He Who granteth Laughter and Tears; 44. That it is He Who granteth Death and Life;(An-Najm (53))


Ftn Fth said...

Yours is not scary as mine. The real nightmare that I couldnt forget, never. But I just pretend not to remember a single thing of it. And, dont ever mention about it again once you've made a choice to forget it. How's that?

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

it's okay. forget and be careful i think. :)
la tahzan, HE'S the most merciful. :)