dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


reflection for perfection, perhaps.

ha. ha. just after i typed the title, i clicked 'enter'. so, it's published without any words! la la.

in the past few weeks, someone asked me, "how to be strong like you?" 

hearing such question forced me to pull a smile. my smile might look sweet, but i just could feel the bitterness. the me inside was saying, "u asked wrong person, dude." i was never that strong though. if i was strong, i would not ignore my friends for trifles that disturbed my emotion. if i was strong, i could hold my madness. actually, my heart was blabbering about tears that moment. =P

next, yesterday, i was in a taxi with the taxi driver, 2 sisters and 1 bro.
"who else there other than Hatim?"
"we don't really know, it's only him that we know from our group.."
"Hatim.. Hatim.. everything Hatim.." 

i pulled a smile. this smile was bittersweet. that Hatim must be very happy, serene in the eye of Allah now. people keep saying his name. for his kindness. for his presence that benefit others. his absence affected the people around him. beneficial. bitter when the thought of what about me? ... i just don't wanna be like world-waste.

by the way, about the strength... we know where to rely on when we feel weak! it's Allah who is Al-Qawiyy~

my train ride last night was terrible. the seat just like usual, couldn't be adjusted the level of your back. but, the fact that train is cold was very wrong last night!! i assumed the air-conditioner was damaged or anything with the same meaning. i was just very tired and need somewhat we call comfort. huh! i felt like screaming. i did kick the seat in front and let the carbon dioxide out from my body through my lips harshly. yet, i was sleeping all along the ride. even the KTM staff (who punched our ticket) woke me up before the train reach my destination. thanks.

got Tere Liye's book. Bidadari-bidadari Syurga. thanks Lala. ^_^

too many people need to be thanked to. Jazakumullahu khair.

the ending of The Last Days of an Artist was very sad. i cried silently over more than one chapter of that book. the tears just flooded my eyeball and forced my eyelid to blink. the salty fluid rolled down on my cheek. non-stop as i read through the final chapters. the story struck my emotion.

now, am reading Bidadari-bidadari Syurga and Hopefulness in the Qur'an. yada. the books i'd bought at KLIBF last year haven't finished yet! XD

oh. i saw Pak Anwar Bakri!! i just couldn't remove my eyes from watching him on the escalator. hah-ha. he's inspiring. poet. that's how my interest about Dawud Wharnsby Ali's pieces grown. ^_^

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