dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)




7 reflections to be done.

many ISL should be done.

several events are gonna be held simultaneously. different venue.

Watched drama. heard songs. live.

read 2 novels; Sang Waqiah & Hijab Cinta. read 1 anthology; Segeluk Air Sejambak Bunga.

reading The Last Days of an Artist. i love the word choice. i love the setting of place.i thought i once met the author. but, i think my eyes were wrong. maybe my memory is wrong; remember names wrongly.

counting days for semester break. yet, there are two programs that would grab my homey-time, completely, if i choose to attend them both. i am just willing for it if there's a statement that i'm compulsory to be present for one of them.

breaking. the. dusk. completing. the. dawn.

the. guilt. inside.

i told you, speaking on the phone with my beloved ones very gooooooooooood-o. hu. nevertheless, it always ended without a clear ending. and i don't like the ending.

the reading me is here again. and i'm wandering and gasping and searching for books that match my current mood. am jealous to my dearest sisters who went  to KLIBF on Labour Day~ >.<

i miss books.
books are at home.
 i actually miss home. 

it's amazing that it's been more than one month, near to 2 months i haven't seen ummi, ayah and others family members!! last year, eventho i didn't return, i met them in KL. they came here. T.T

ceh. dear, am i homesick? no! ;p

sheesh. think about the responsibility u're holding in my hands. be happy with it. ^_^ be responsible is what i meant earlier.

The peaceful morning i appreciated before i felt so small.

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