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hontouni arigatou! :)


that feeling.

i got the feeling of urgency to return home on the first day i arrived the campus.

i told you, i just can go back when the strong feeling of mine to return home appears in my soul.

so, i went back on Aug 30th, 2012. :)

what is more, the eldest sister, Yummy also came back.


August 23rd, 2012

Momo got her status changed from single but not available to married.

this is Momo and her beloved husband, Mr. Sun. haha. ok. my bro in-law's name is Syamsi. :)

on the day i returned, August 31st, they had gone to Bangi.

only on September 2nd, Momo returned. thus, it's full house again!



i was in the MPV with ummi and ayah. there were other siblings too (i had forgotten who're they).

the radio was on. then. played the song My Little Girl by Maher Zain.

i told ayah, "ayah, you should dedicate this song to your daughters..."

ayah clicked on the 'surround on' button.

"then, you must add '-s', 'my little girls' since you have five daughters..." i was smiling.

based on my observation, ummi and ayah was listening to the song. to the lyrics to be specific.


i kissed ummi's forehand. hug her. kissed her cheeks.

then, when i was already on the passenger seat beside ayah, Ahmad came. he opened the door.

he took my hand. for the first time, he let his cheek in contact with my cheek. ok. how to describe this? i think only elder sister like me understand this situation? ha-ha.

after we left Lala at Sireh Valley, before i left ayah with Muhammad in the car, i kissed ayah's forehand too. hug him. kissed his cheeks.

i left Cik Siti Wan Kembang's city with spacious heart? haha.



alhamdulillah. after i arrived Bagan also, after i entered my room, the heavy feeling has gone. the emptiness disappeared. i just can smile. and alhamdulillah, i'm still in a positive mode. :)

alhamdulillah for everything.

and Ahmad has gone to 'Amman. Allah be with him. ok. only at this moment, i feel sad again.

yesterday, Yiba texted me telling that she's sad for Ahmad's departure. Yiba, i had that feeling earlier when i know he's at BTN programme. :')

yes. this is an entry of my beloved.

and, Junaid looks so nerd wearing spectacles!

'Ali impressed me that he got blue belt in Tae Kwon Do!! 

Aman the 7th, is having his SPM trial exam.

may Allah bless us.
... till Jannah.

and i feel something wrong somewhere again at this phase. DnT. T.T

al-fatihah for our sisters in Russia.

till then.


crazerxMD said...

=') i don't know why but i actually cried reading this post..

am I missing home too much?

p/s: i miss you.

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

:) u're tough! haha.
i just can't imagine, what if i'm studying abroad, then i have that strong feeling, wud i be in debt to return? haha.

:) IMYT!