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zulhijjah 1433.

it's 26th October 2012; am 21 years 8 months 16 hrs old.
it's 11th Zulhijjah 1433; am 22 years 4 months old.  
yeah. i feel old. 

the early 1o days of zulhijjah...
once again... am in this campus. celebrating the 'eid with my buddies here. :)
and, alhamdulillah everything seems better than last year.
alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.
i want to write more with pictures, but i think i left my Nikon L23 at my friend's room.
and i don't think am going to bring this blue asset of mine to hers later to stay there.
i received two calls from ummi today. ahah.
last nite, before i shut my eyes for sleep, i texted ummi and ayah to wake me up in order to ensure i'd ready at 0730 hours to drive my friends to mosque for 'eid prayer. :)

i am reading a book of Prof. Dr. Hamka (not HAMKA Kereta Mayat :p). the title of the book is 'Bohong Di Dunia'. the book is interesting. yeah. the content is what i meant earlier. that book makes me doubt myself of claiming myself as a transparent person in speaking of something. or in acting toward anything comes up in my life. because too much the ordinary actions we do in this life actually a lie. without we realising it. even the phrase 'ajak-ajak ayam' is not a positive phrase and practice.

i now decided, to improve my English language through reading, i don't want to choose novel anymore. even though i'm just fell for Cecelia Ahern which means i think am gonna read her books, next time. yeah. i like her style of writing! :) hm. or maybe this way, i'll read English novels, but i'll take those advance kids levels. this is because i now feel corrupted by books. :( same goes to Malay novels. i'll only choose the authors that i believe won't corrupt me like Noor Suraya and Imaen. ah-ha. ^_^

i think that's all for this moment. insya Allah i'll update more about my 'eid. :) the better.

let's cherish another three days with takbir and tahmid!

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