dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


half of February; sweet.

spelling February reminded me of my wrong spelling in the working paper. haha. what a bad secretary was i... (ok.. i haven't done the report!! -_-") 

for the first time, i arrived home on the same day with the last day of academic lecture. it was  Friday.

ayah said this before i off to Butterworth two days ago,

"my driver is going off..."

ehe. i updated my work at Facebook profile. haha. proud. of course. a daughter's pride. can i say that? :) or... maybe only-me-middle-daughter-syndrome. -_-" the most rebellious. krik3

i fetch ummi on the night i just arrived.
i drove ayah and ummi to two kenduris

the meaningful four days at home. <3 p="">
went to Seremban. for the first time. quite embarrassed to act like foreigners. hahaha. and the Nikon L23 made scenes. the battery's flat. -_-

and i don't know i was so excited to see a car with AqsaSyarif sticker? >.<

Junaid's and Ahmad's birthday have passed. haha.

happy belated birthday to both of them.


there're assignments to be done~

reports... okey.

bittaufiq wannajah everyone!

i love home.
i love room.
i  love me.
for don't send myself, nor go to doom.
strive, struggle and ask for heaven, instead. 

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