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Random no. 6

In the name of Allah the most gracious, the most merciful.

39. numbers. i remember in the previous year, people were so amazed by the date 20122012. or 10/11/12. something like that. out of sudden, my thought came to that, those amazing number sequence actually happens in our daily lives. isn't it? where? the answer is, in TIME. ^_^ knock my head too. sure. bird flies, we can see. time flies, we don't see. please cough now. haha.

40. of being a secretary. yeah. i just really don't like to be secretary. but, life goes on. for more than once, i'd been a secretary. i just forgot that, i got that trait in my blood. yeah. dad is a secretary too, in a way. >.< i just found that, i really in tarbiyyah of being a secretary. huhu. i was so liberal... i think, after gave it into a deep thought.

41. Daurah Tullab. write down every event that happened in your life. especially those you found tarbawi value in it. >.<

42. YES4G. i'm in debt. T_T" i need to read the rules and regulations thoroughly and ask the centre about it. because i'm quite confuse with the how they calculate the bills for the post-paid package and for the prepaid package too. i will terminate the post-paid one. can't afford it. -_-"

43. i used to be asking for cards from people around me. normally, the cards meant to be birthday cards, congratulation cards or greeting cards, generally. but, nowadays, we ask for invitation cards! to be specific, wedding invitation cards. haha. am collecting as much as i can for this year. i've received one this year. the invitation cards do make me feel old. grown-ups. huhu. how can't i, when marriage is another indicator of being an adult? ^_^"

44. really want to update this blog and another blog. but, thinking of the length of time spent by me updating blogs, halted me to do so. since, i actually have other obligations need to be fulfilled.

Rabbuna yusahhil.

 45. currently reading Ar-raqaiq. ;') and finishing Jane Austen's popular piece Pride and Prejudice that bought two years ago. -_-" and also Harun Yahya's pieces bought two years ago three! >.<

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