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hontouni arigatou! :)



Ar-Raqa'iq by Muhammad Ahmad Ar Rasyid. Robbani Press.

i don't know the title in English. Pelembut Hati or Penghalus Jiwa are the translation into Malay version.

i borrowed this book from my mother in my current happy circle family. :)

i finished reading this book on Muharram 1st, 1435, in the morning. alhamdulillah.

i have borrowed this book since the previous semester. he. he. well. this book is too... hmmm... it makes the feeling of the guilt of sins arouse. that makes me feels very... makes me not to deserve to do this, to do that, to live in this life (feels dirty? kinda)... nevertheless, it doesn't demotivate me till i feel like ending my life. there're hope. there're rooms of improvement.

it motivates me with faith.

faith in death. faith in the Judgement Day. faith in the paradise and the hell. 

and... along the way i was finishing the reading, what's been discussed when i sat in my happy circle were kind of coherent with my reading. we discussed about how's our prophet Muhammad s.a.w was taken care by Allah in the events of chest operations, about the alam barzakh (world in grave; the transition from world of life to the Judgement Day)...

there are many sentap-an for the soul in the book. ^_______^"

there are many sya'ir for the soul.

urm. that's all, i think.

yeah. the aim of reading the book was to soften my hard-rock heart.

and i think, the objective is achieved.

next target is to make what i read be implemented in my daily life.

life with faith. yada. that's the hard point. and am afraid. hu-hu.

i'll make some notes regarding some points i think interesting and will be something great to be shared. ^_^ insya Allah.

(yada. i have another paper for examinations. but, i found myself is kinda slacking-lazying-around-not-revising, so, it's better for me to do other things that can improve myself somewhere. hue. i mean my time won't be spent with doing nothing that is really nothing at all like sleeping excessively! T_T may Allah bless. :)

below are the pictures of some pages from the book. enjoy them with your heart. :)

the cover. 

one of the middle pages. BERJIWA BESAR.

what i understand from this, i have to know myself. certainly. what i want? what i aim? my vision? my mission? all sorts of things in me. yet, i still have uncertainties in myself. 

a check-list for self.


to live the life to the fullest is to live at night. hu.

night. live the night!

the beginning point. intention. intention. intention!

to be honoured with the vision and mission. 

vision and mission!

the meaningful sleep.

berkawan biar beribu.
musuh jangan dicari. 

i'll make notes under this subtopic. 

when i was reading this, i was slacking.. how to say.. that time, i actually need to revise (just like now). but, i read this book. when i read this page, the last sentence, i closed the book and immediately i started to revise. T_T afraid. 

islam - berserah diri. 

thus, i know why there're people who really like to do something that seemed to be shouldn't be in their concern, at all.