dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)



just finished reading the latest update at

okey, this evening i wanted to attend the newly-growing happy family circle, but i think i can't manage to finish my revision by tonight if i don't revise now. er. okay. i'll update this entry as fast as i can. (am robbing my own time..>.< i know.)

it's just that, i was arranging my personal cert clear holder. then, i found the receipt for registration at omo... that moment, i told myself. i will go there** someday. in the future. in literature, perhaps? insya Allah. i'll go there. but, literature, how can i use that as a tool in the big word called D-A-K-W-A-H? >.< (i also told myself, i need to draft my personal timeline again. it's been quite a time i don't look at the big picture of my timeline...)

so, it happened that i read the update at Muharikah. yes. the highlighted-big-issue in the update is D-A-K-W-A-H.

for me to ponder and explore.


happy revising, self!


**the address on the receipt was the one in Lembah Pantai, KL. :)

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