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random no. 2

we'll always love You. hu.

that's number ten.


11. jet lag. yeah. even i'm not studying abroad, when i return home, since the 'eid Fitr break few months ago, i tell myself, i am jet lag in my hometown. the first thing i jet lag is the road system. yada. due to the construction and city development.. Raya break, that time, i just  missed that one junction had turned into a one-way road. this time, i found that i just forgot the traffic light near my school old building. from a way, that road, you can't turn right, i just did last week Sunday. then, near a road to go to my primary school, divider appeared to be there. o my. lucky me that i didn't think to do something crazy like at the traffic light!

the second thing is prayer time. in the Northern part of Malaysia, i recognised that, there, we got prayer time later than in Darul Naim. hmmm... so, i was quite... i just need... it's like... like this... when i live in the Northern Part, i will prepare myself for dusk at this time, but in my hometown, i just need to be earlier. aha. jet lag. ok? although it's just minutes that differ, still, am jet lag. :P

finally, the weather. now, i'm writing about the weather. at the hostel, i lived at the third floor. the hostel surrounded by hills. oh. it's down the hill, in a way. surrounded by green scenery though one of the hills now brown-orange. bald. so, i'm saying, there, i was comfortable. with the temperature in the room. ok. nice. outside the room, on the ground, my skin still felt the pain by sun light ok?  when i arrived home for this break, i found that, at night, it's just too hot. o my. too warm. yes. after near one week, i told ummi. then, ummi answered me that we have less trees around our home now. and, when i was typing about my jet lag toward the road system just now, i just realized, the development actually contributed to the temperature changes in my home, too, right! so, my pride to look at the road building decreased. i love nature more.

12. boycott. i support boycott. i was trained educated about boycotting israel since i was young; as far as i remember, since i was in early secondary school. and i have my faith in boycott. last evening, ummi and i fetch Momo at KB. then i was like looking forward to see the condition of McD in our city... ummi told me, we don't have McD in Kota Bharu. it's moved to Wakaf Che Yeh. i asked, even in Tesco, no McD? ummi said, no. ok. that made me relieved. and am proud that KB has no McD. pfft.
 we are not Tesco's customers either. am proud of it.
ok. after i googled McD in KB, i just forgot other places. KB Mall. -_-" hahaha. boo. Jalan Tok Hakim. Taman Sekebun Bunga. ding dong. ah!! *frust*

13. kids. i really want to practice myself to be communicating with them. but, i found that i can't perform with people who knows my family members. i can't perform when i'm near my family. i don't know. but this syndrome is getting on my nerve more more more and more when i'm getting older. not only regarding of communicating with kids la, anything about performing my skills or anything in the same meaning or scope. am sorry.

14. DnT. i just feel these entries;

15. i found that Rudy Hirdy's pieces; Aku Bukan Nabi, Dia Bukan Nabi are like male chauvinism? hehe. but, i like the story. :)

16. visit Iman and her baby girl named Aisyah! oho. 2 A.M. tomorrow, they're going back to Jordan. have  a safe journey Iman and her baby and her mother. :)


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