dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


random no. 3

17. i actually intended to post a dedication entry for yummy, yesterday. happy belated bday sister. :) our prayers always with you sister. just letting you know that you have your own significance/effects in my life, in a way i can't describe and you mayn't realise. :)

18. i just... i'd looked wrongly at the calendar when someone's telling me her important date! oh my! lucky me. i will be with her, insya Allah. ;)

19. kids. i don't know how to tackle them. :( yeah. i prefer to handle secondary school students rather than primary school students. i told the interviewer that time!!

20. May. many things that i wish can be remembered by me all the time actually happened in May. kohf. kohf. omo..

21. i advised myself to not looking back behind me. but, i keep looking back. i found that one my school buddies once said to me to come to her home when i passed my driving license. i'm now a competent driving license holder... thus, to go to her home will be in my list.

22. still remember my randomies no. 8? i found this, yesterday.

23. another duckcapture from facebook.

24. no events outside my hometown. err... i meant. no TOF this year. no Himpunan 1000 Jiwa 1 Hati this year. TOF - obviously no extra budget. :P boo at me. meanwhile, 1kJ1H is about the date. 31st December will be the first date the office gonna distribute new room keys for hostel residents. so, i wish i would be the first person among the residents at the third floor since i want to be the first person opening the reserved room. hahahah.

25. kitchen project. durian crepe!!! please suggest me instant whipped cream brand that is easy to be found in Kelantan specifically. or u can suggest me the best brand for the milk that will be delicious making whipped cream. i hope ur suggested brand won't be in the boycott list. =3

26. sew. i wish i can learn using the sewing machine. ummi's making me skirt. ahah! i like! i just wanna learn to sew a baju kurung manually using hands. i am serious. if u know anyone willing to teach somebody young to inherit her talent, please tell me. i am willing to spend my holidays with her!!

27. this advertisement is for anyone  living in Kota Bharu. please come.

ok. that's all for this entry. my randomies. ahah.


iqapika said...

and i'm still a P holder and can't drive. i've forgotten how to drive manuals and now i depend solely on autos.. hehe.. tu pun gohead gostan jek

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

iqapika... well... if someone offer u to drive manual cars, don't refuse. practice practice. ;)