dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


random no. 1

these captured my sight that day. subhanallah.
blog. just to tell you, i'd changed the font type for two blogs of mine. i just feel like to be more formal.

i went to Selangor for three days. Rawang; Rawang Perdana 1 & Kota Bidari. Bandar Seri Putera.  i wish i could have gone  to Taman Tasek. :'|

i had browsed one of next year course proforma on the first day i arrived home. (>.<) i found the topics are not my cup of tea. again. rabbuna yusahhil.

today, after or before going to riadhah with my sweet akhawat, i saw Syed Abdul Kadir Al-Jofree. ok. i only know him through TV and internet. so, i googled his name. ok. now, i know why he's here, in this city. :)  

i was in the MPV with ummi, ayah, 'Ali and Junaid. we're on the way to Rawang. Muhammad asked me,
"Yah, do u know the meaning of Al-Bayyinah?"

i was... yada. i couldn't answer that question! what a shame. and, that just meant for me to seek for knowledge more and more. ummi saved me. ummi answered the question. *cry*

i am giving up on driving. and yes, i found it's irritating to drive when i don't have my passengers' trust in me. either trust for my driving skills or for how i make the wheel moving (using the vehicle).... i too can't really drive properly when i am disturbed emotionally. when i find you are doubting my driving, i won't drive you. sorry. yes. i'm dependent to your trust toward me. so, please don't ask me to drive when you don't trust me in any aspect.
yeah. i found two types of people speaking of this thing. i won't elaborate here. b'coz ain't whining~ it's some kind of frustration. yes. i am that person who's easily frustrated when i find human don't trust me. no, i don't blame you.

books influenced me. so much. much. much. i maybe a reader who takes points in a book bluntly. but, i believe that the author doesn't simply write. so, authors out there, if you find me reading your book, please take my words, i trust you. ok. there're writers i don't really believe in. yeah. when the story is just illogical. the plot is not well planned. typical. over-loaded with fantasy. then, i can't accept that. ok. i'm criticizing you, writers!! shoot me now.

parents should be aware that children are influenced by them. parents, people who have custody to take care of any child should be aware of their influence. the way the parents/guardians act toward their spouses too affects the child, it may not be physically, but mentally and emotionally. thus, be careful. the child maybe a toddler, kid, teenager or even an adult.

i captured this tree. when my akhawat arrived to fetch me, one of them captured the picture of this tree  too.
i asked her, why this tree?

she gave me simple answer, interesting.

before i captured this, i was thinking about this tree. yes. just like the sister  said, it's interesting.

for me, it's interesting as the (believe me, i just googled to know parts of tree) trunk, branches look dry. isn't it? but, it still producing beautiful flowers. at the tip of the branches. high. looking up to the sky. it's just, masha additional, there on the ground surrounding the trunk, that is the house of termites...

i tried to link the condition of the tree to my current life. to myself. urm.

that's all.

happy holiday! (to me :P)

insya Allah, will be updating more entries. :)