dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)


of DCs no. 3

20120906 captured from FB. eliciting Yiba beside Aman on the left. hahah. Amad's departing to KL.look at the chubby boy wearing glass, nerd, right?? haha.

20121221 i heard from two dads something about daughters. one is that his daughter would respond better to her friends. two is that his daughter don't know how 'bodek' her father. he.he.he.

20121221 let's smile.

20121221 let's be forgiving toward others no matter what, it's for the sake ourselves in searching for Allah's mercy and blessings.

20121221 am struggling..

20121221 true. it seemed similar about me when i was new to a place, then i just entered another place just earlier than few of my friends and i knew how they felt as the later comer, that i didn't want them to feel what i felt.

20121221 beauty. everyone loves it.

20121222 dushhh!!!

20121223 T________________________T

20121223 i'm taking this again.

20121226 i will.

20121226 hehhhh... hatred with knowledge.  nice.

20121226 the best reminder is death.

20121226 to ponder upon.

20121226 adey. the moment i read this, i was like, so i should delete my blog? deyy~

20121226 but beware of what you are reading... :)

20121222 dush. dush.

am waiting for a transport return home to go somewhere. am already LATE. and i HATE to be LATE. 
i was hit by words i spit. about riding the public transport. =P serve me right. PADAN MUKA.
tomorrow.. am going back to the campus. yuhooo. new room. i'll update random tomorrow insya Allah.

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