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random no. 4

actually i wanted to write a post about J.O.M only. but, after delaying delaying and delaying, the feelings of writing the post with the happy heart faded away. ^_^

28. last week, before off to the Northern Part of Peninsular Malaysia, i tried to cook something delicious. but, the result of my trial wasn't delicious. i was very frustrated. haha. i won't try over that again. it was durian crepe. what is more, after J.O.M, a friend of mine uploaded hers! her durian crepes looked ok. T_T congrats to her. huuu... pictures? i ain't gonna upload them for this entry. keep them for next entry of worldless wednesday.

29. J.O.M. what's that? stands for Journey of Muslims.

banner for the program. nice! ahah.
it's part 5 for brothers. for sisters,  it's the first one. alhamdulillah. everything went well. initially, i refused to join because this time they're going to the North. i'm studying there. so, i felt like, would it be the same? ohoh. ARROGANT me.

but, my teacher coaxed me to go. just few lines. ohoh. yeah. i'm makan pujuk jenis orang.

first three: morning from the peak of Titiwangsa to Sg. Petani
last two: dusk at Kuala Perlis
it was never the same. the journey.... personally, this journey.. how to describe... it's just... ok. meaningful. precious. ohoh.

i saw the beauty of ukhuwah there.
war museum. never be there before, even though studying in Seberang Perai.

i felt the happiness of looking at people i'd known since in the childhood walking in the path of DnT. together. yeah. my tears did gather through the journey.

the participants mostly were the juniors  from the secondary school i attended. knowing them, being with them, made the heart.. in Malay i said it perasaan semangat menggebu-gebu bahagia. like cotton candy.

i learnt so much through J.O.M. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah. alhamdulillah.

because before i join J.O.M i felt it's like trouble (it's not because of joining the J.O.M actually.. huhu), then, i found it's the better best.. i had this phrase along the journey with me, blessing in disguise

30. 2 days ago. i was watching TV. it was before 6 p.m. ayah suddenly invited me to follow him to go to the durian orchard. i wanted~~ but i was reluctant because the drama i'd been following about to start. -_-" ayah said, "sampai bila tak habis tunggu cerita tu..." eheh. expected. so, ok. i went. with Junaid, Muhammad and ayah.

let's go~
walking to collect durian, i was like... i felt like going to a camping site. haha. the experience of mukhayyam (camping) in the previous July came into my mind. the orchard seems like that; jungle. ohoho.

after durians collected, i asked ayah to go near the river bank.

 ^______^ i wish i could go nearer and touch the water.

last, let's go home.

#ihavetosearchforrecordingoftoday'sMHIsinceididn'twatchthatupdatingthisblog. omg.

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