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the end.

today is the last day am at home. for 2012.

this time, i felt like i'm repeating a phase in my life in the past. i meant, this semester break.

that was because of the people presence at home.

the same siblings were present.

yet, many other differences that made it not similar with the past.

we'd grown up. physically. emotionally. mentally. educational-ly. unluckily, we'd grown older in the age. heh. attitude-ly, too, maybe.

the scenes happened seemed similar yet not the same as growing up involved one process, we call it as 'change' in a word.

insya Allah i will update another random entry at new room at the hostel tomorrow. :)

what i LOVE about being upstairs or 'kayangan' is the shines of the sun, the green of the scene from above, the clouds in the sky from the view 'kayangan'...

Junaid, the adorable boy since he's a baby with his charming smile. he's gonna be in the hostel as a secondary student. i was so excited about him and the sixth brother just because we share birthday month in Greogrian calendar, in the Hijr calendar we're each in Syaaban, Ramadhan and Syawal respectively. =p

may Allah bless. may it be counted in reaching His blessings and mercy. 

i don't break your wish. as you wish, i'll do it.


crazerxMD said...

you know that i will never leave you.. ekeke
ke.. =)

one of my 2013 wish is to meet you before going back to so-called down under land..

can ah?

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

doc ummu. are in Malaysiaaa??
insya Allah can. but, where to meet? when is the deadline? :)

Aliya K said...

kak piya. Al-Quran tafsir coklat tu, is that yours? mine is exactly the same! hehe.

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

woah! yes. it's mine. :) precious gift from my eldest sista :D