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a death and a newborn

September 9th, a death of a grandpa.
not my grandpa.
oh. am telling the story again.

i'm doing my teaching practice here, at the place. am staying with my partner's family. there're few others doing teaching practice at the same district with my partner and i. they rent a house nearby. in front of the house, there's a house. a sweet elderly couple were living there.
the first week or the second week, the uncle gave my friends roses. roses from the roses plants in front of his house. i took one and kept it in my record book. the uncle or the grandpa had a wife. his wife fell sick in the first few days we began our teaching practice. since my friends received the roses, i always asked the grandpa to take some. i usually take three or four roses. i dried them.
after 'Eid break, i once talked to a friend. i said that it's so sweet to see the grandpa hanging the washed clothes to dry them at the porch. ^_^ we thought about the elderly sweet couple... what if one of them gone first...?
and then, two weeks ago, when i was to accompany my friend at the house, the kind-hearted grandpa gave us some coconut juice. he plucked the coconuts himself. and i took some roses, few days later, which was on September 8th. he was at the front door. i, shy-shy cat asked for some roses again.
at the night,.... i slept tightly. in the morning, my partner read an SMS. he's gone.
i was... shocked. not to believe it. i cried.
i hadn't done any kindness toward them. T_T
in the afternoon, i went to the house. visited the grandma. she's okay. she wasn't crying. but, she did tell us she still remembers the grandpa. yeah. they lived together. only two of them. the grandpa ate with her. bought her food.... make sure she eats medicine prescribed...
i... i just took the roses...
two days ago, i stayed there. there're some roses. blooming beautifully. i don't have the heart to take them, anymore. no more...

Yesterday, September 16th, newborn of the first nephew in the family.
he was born at 12:20p.m.
that's all i knew about the baby.
the mother calls her son يوسف.

i was so sad that tears filled up my eyes for almost every time i remember about the grandpa
i was so cheerful that i can't stop myself smiling looking the baby's picture

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