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adorable people.

adorable people. who're they? err... handsome guys? err... smart guys? intelligent? no.
i attended SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM for 7th or 8th time. i ain't proud about being the most... err... yang paling banyak join program ini. yeah. this program must be attended with a HEART.
the introduction of SHIFT YOUR PARADIGM is very and too long. the introduction ask us to think. instead of that, we will get .. err.. provocation. ^-^ don't worry. that's to make you think deeper!
when it's time to go through the HISTORY, i always fall in love with those RIJAL in THE PAST. especially UMAR the 2nd khalifah, sultan MUHAMMAD AL-FATEH, SOLAHUDDIN AL-AYYUBI. how admireable Umar when he became a muslim. how adorable Al-Fateh, he's the leader of the best army that Rasulullah s.a.w once said. how amazing Solahuddin when he conquered Constantinople.
i admire these people.

p/s: i want to write about ISK i'd joined. maybe next time. ^-^