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random no. 8

"let's go to Borneo at the end of this year.."

"woah.. okey.. how much do we need?"

"save about RM*** to RM***..."

"seriously? urm... insya Allah.. we'll see..."

"go buy a smartphone, dear!! it's a need."

"hehe.. i will.. i will... insya Allah.."

"i think i'm going to umrah at the end of this year.."

"urm... that need thousands... who do you wanna bring?"

"hm... i don't know..."

"i wanna buy a smartphone, soon.."

"okay. save your money..."

"can u add some?"

"you can take from another account of yours..."

"do i have much in that account? i don't think so... hueee"

"still can be used to add some.. would be sufficient..."

someone updated her status. i don't like the content of the status. since i know i'm the one who's closely related to the status, it reminded me of what had happened about eight years ago. i asked her to delete. -_- it's better that way.

"what kind of book is Anthem?"

"huh? where is it?" *looking at her hand, Velvet di Durham!!!*

"in the living area.... in the Jemari Seni's plastic bag..."

"hmm... about school students..." in heart, 'sending things without notice, but sarcastic status are not nice, dude.'

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