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i'm home.

there's no other word i can say. it's just, i'm home! ha. ha.
i'm home not because i'm homesick.
i'm here because the institute where i'm studying give me a break for a week.
yes, i just can stay there. however, everyone is moving out!
lecturers, wardens and others are moving out, they say.
also the caterers at the canteen. what would i eat? ho.
my quarters-mates also went home.
yesterday, after the announcement about this break was announced, everybody packed their things and went to Butterworth. everyone called their contacts to get tickets!
i went to the bus terminal with 3 friends - k.wanis, farah and norlida.
when we arrived there, we, quickly went to ticket counter. we're lucky. so, we headed to a stall.
well, the owner of the stall is from the same state with us.
after maghrib, i could see most of people at the terminal are my institute-mate. from my batch, seniors.
one word describes my feelings : frustrated. smokers, couples. hu. hu.
apa peranan aku? and it's not just that. i'm surprised that certain people that is respected at the college is just the same with others outside the college. T.T
ok, next story, orientation or management week!

i was wearing mask along my trip to my hometown.


Ftn Fth said...

best best !

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

awal2, lemas!!!
then, i feel goood~

Ftn Fth said...

its better than me
i only used tissue to cover my nose and mouth.