dear my visitors and readers

do read.
do learn something from this blog.
do comment for improvement.
hontouni arigatou! :)



ha. jahiliah... secrets sung by onerepublic.

arrived my hometown at 4a.m. sharp. haha.

the bus was drift last night. i woke up with a shock.... err.. i don't know. i think my head hit the frame of the window at my left.

in the middle of exam fever, i came back home. :)

6th nov; there will be a wedding ceremony. :) my teacher's.

2 papers left for this final exam. english studies, social studies.

2 papers had been answered for 7 hours. wuh... the hall froze me!

whatever the reasons for my homecoming
whatever my answers for any question
i am who i am.


mumbling. great self. great.

for the first time, i only carry 2 ordinary bags to return home. but, they are still heavy! can't help it. i love to bring back my books. :D i know it's my bad. and i can't get rid of it. uhf.

after one hour i arrived home from penang, my parents departed to there. hee. ayah has to meet his supervisor at USM. i bought my ticket about three weeks ago. no regret. :)

within one month,
one died
one retired
one dated
one... the cycle goes on,
pray that we won't be in the stupid cycle.

one dated... aha. i was dating with ayah. :)

we can prepare a superb farewell party for one's retirement,
can we prepare the best appreciation ceremony for one's coming death?

hm. i'm trying to be better in this English language. :)

o yeah. last night, i heard Arabic lesson on air. hm. Jama' is like plural, one stated (we also always hear the same thing from our teachers in school...). when i think about that carefully, it's unfair. why? in Arabic, jama' is for number that is more than three while plural is for more than one. thus, we can't make them same because they are different!

know everything, master of nothing.

got invitation from ESQ for MCB. uhu. need money. he. sorry can't take part in the program.

too many things to do.

for the exam, i've to cover the following topics:
- English Studies; literary devices and elements in poem, short story, novel (To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee) and play (Macbeth by Shakespeare)
- Social Studies; culture and society, communication, gender and society, environment and development, conflict and resolution & globalisation in education.

these two subjects demand me to read lots of things. pergh.... yet these two subjects are in the top of four subjects. :)

spreading the rahmah over the world...
why are we separating?
separating ourselves...
separating the world of world and hereafter...
separating almost everything?

Mengkuang Dam... 101102. thanks my sisters for inviting me. thanks my another sister. thanks the brother. sorry for everything.

i ask myself,
was i really mujahadah over my desire?
am i really mujahadah over my wants?
will i be a real mujahidah?
mujahadah is not a word for jokes
once i say i want to mujahadah
it means i have to fight my own self
i have to go over my mind
i will hate my own self,
pray hard. try hard.
die hard to be a mujahidah, self.

decided to will be willing to reply comments starting from this entry. insya Allah.


ends with subhanallah by maher zain.

added: the 016 owner was my eldest sistah! cik yummy!


cikEff said...

oh. kejut oh mu kelik. oh. sungguh kejut.
sapo pase lagu secret tu?
wei, t-cher, lagu secret tu pasal gapo eh? sayo xpehe. :D

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

bakpo mu kejut?
narat oh. sapa dua komen!
lagu secret kat blog ore lah. pasal gapo? xsure lah. x hayati lirik yo.. :P

Ftn Fth said...

yolo jugok hok jama' n plural tu. samo tapi berbeza =D

and, To Kill a Mockingbird! I want to read it too ;/

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

cik 10. :)
to kill a mockingbird, heronya perfect!