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today is sunday.

i was late. when i woke up, my parents, Yiba, Aman, Junaidi and Muhammad were already gone. Momo was upstairs, facing this desktop. Ali was sleeping downstairs, soundly and tightly.

i was mad. i was angry. i was upset. - padan la dengan tidur dalam badmood -

i know it was my mistake. i was wrong.

so, i went into the bedroom back. still, i made a mistake again. aku hempas pintu.
i made up my mind.

dressed up myself. borrowed momo's shoes.

i went to the main city by a public bus. then, i took a public bus again to go to HUSM. Najiha and Asma' were willing to wait for me. thanks a lot! ^-^

we bought a card at PSI (60 sen seorang! berkira gile... haha) and signed our name and other girls in our batch. ^-^

we arrived at SMIA at 1030 hours. lebih kurang lah.

they - teachers and students there - had finished their games! wawa... i was very late! T-T

we were there just for an hour. Najiha had a 'date' with her mother already. she's the driver.
i didn't wanna go to SRIA by public transport anyway. so, i left SMIA with Najiha and Asma'.

the thing i wanna find at SRIA, couldn't be found.

i waited for ayah at Kedai Moknoh. i bought a bottle of bleu mineral water and two packets of junkfood. i wrote a draft for my personal statement - for the coming interview. ^-^

after an hour i waited for ayah, i tried to reach ummi. i sent her an SMS. ummi didn't reply.
i waited for 30 minutes. then, i made a missed call. i asked ummi for new shoes. ^-^"

i went to Junaidi's class and signed his report card! haha! this is an honourable thing to do, for me.

we ran to get ummi at the back gate. the gate was locked! T-T jalan depan jammed ok.
i don't want to trouble ummi with the jammed road!

then, i called ummi. ummi wanted to wait for us in front of dar nur az-zahraa library.

i walked fastly. he. i ran.

then, ummi brought us to bank and bata shoes store.

i am falling in love with a high heels there. it is very shining. it is beautiful.
haha! however, the size i want is unavailable! T-T.

ummi suggested me another shoes. owkay. i took it. i wore it. i walked. okay. i took that one.

i also took a pair of bubblegummers slipper. ^-^ ummi paid them.

thank you, ummi.

sebenarnya, aku nak ayah yang belikan kasut kali ni. he. T-T.

tahun ini, ini footwear yang kedua. T-T. fahamilah dirimu. huhu. fahami kakimu! T-T.
kakiku besar. kenali dirimu.

banyak tarikh berperistiwa dalam Mei ni.

1st May - labour's day.
10th May - mother's day and wesak celebration day.
15th May - nakbah.
16th May - teacher's day.

ada lagi ke?

okay. Yiba wants to use this desktop! he. he.

"sesiapa yang tidak mengasihi tidak akan dikasihi"

added at 2121 hours.

al-fatihah for Do Che Piah. i think, i'd write that i visited her about two weeks ago.
(i remembered to write about this when i read akh Hilal Asyraf's post about the death of his teacher)

it was friday afternoon. ummi's back from her class - AEP at SMIA.

while i was about to visit my friend, Sabiha - her majlis kesyukuran, she got offer from IIUM.
plus, i have usrah that evening.

i was guilty for not visiting Do Che Piah. i asked ummi, ummi said, "it's just okay."

urm. however, it is a muslim's right to be... urm. mengiringi jenazah ke kubur, kan?

Asiah's teacher also passed away in last week.

come on, self, move on!

15th of May, 2009 - nakbah. it's 61st year the Jews live there illegally on the land.

Umat Islam sentiasa boleh.
Hari ini mesti lebih baik, dari semalam.
Jangan buang masa.
Siapa kata kita tidak boleh?
Kita ada Allah maha kuasa.
Kita punya kuasa tenaga.
Doa sebagai senjata.
Umat Islam sentiasa boleh!

copied from - k.nadiah's

knowing this song at EMI Johor. ^^

teringat lagu kawad dulu,

'tukar langkah, check up! tukar langkah, check up! JANGAN MALAS, check up!'

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ash of wrath said...

insyaAllah binNajah
utk interview
doaku mengiringimu

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

asiah ~ insya Allah.
jazakillah khairan katheera! ^^

Anonymous said...

Ske sgt lagu tu...owh, I miss my old days back at SMI Aman...SQUAD!!

sufiyyah zulkifli said...

k.aisyah - terima kasih tinggal komen.